By sadmoscatogal - 27/10/2018 19:01

Today, the car I've been saving up for three years, which I bought three weeks ago, was hit by my neighbor who was texting. While it was parked. In my driveway. FML
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Sophey Rae tells us more.

OP here - i have insurance, but we went through his since he took 100% fault

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It should be ok as long as you both have car insurance.

It might. Come out. Of the. Neighbours.


You. Should have. Bought. Insurance.

It might. Come out. Of the. Neighbours.

wysegirl 24

it won't matter the price of the vehicle depreciates as soon as it leaves the lot... depending on how they bought the car will determine everything

It should But let the OP’s Insurance sue the. Neighbor’s company. That’s a haiku!

I just thought you were trying to talk like Will Shatner.

OP here - I do have insurance... but that wouldn’t really matter, since HE hit MY car, it goes through his insurance. He’s fixing my car, by the way. He wasn’t an asshole like you :-)

She the pants of your neighbor for distracted driving!

Sue the pants off... , oops, my bad.

Well that's an interesting mental image.

It should be ok as long as you both have car insurance.

wysegirl 24

Were you smart enough to buy GAP insurance?

OP here - i have insurance, but we went through his since he took 100% fault

kricket5 19

Gap only helps if the vehicle was totaled.

IrieStorm 9

Good thing they have insurance, right? They do have insurance, right?

how in the actual hell.....are you sharing a driveway?

Plenty of ways but I'll favour the neighbour overshot their own driveway, pulled into OPs without realising and hit OPs car; or they made a shitty turn into their own driveway and hit OPs car which was parked on a driveway next to their own.

Our neighbors back out of theirs all the way into mine. It happens

Don’t know where this was from but it’s very common in the uk to have shared driveways between houses.

I surely hope you also have insurance! Fyl for sure!

I'd sue the life out of the scummy neighbor What if they'd hit a person while they were texting away Hope you both have insurance, especially selfish neighbour

I guess he didn’t get the memo out texting and driving. My father does that and he’s gonna get himself killed

phantom4421 5

at least you know who it is. I bought my dream car, and 2 months later, at my friends apartment in the middle of the day, someone t boned it going 20 mph and crushed the side in. they also left the scene and noone aww it. yes I had insurance, but still.