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  Sophey Rae  |  5

OP here - I do have insurance... but that wouldn’t really matter, since HE hit MY car, it goes through his insurance.

He’s fixing my car, by the way. He wasn’t an asshole like you :-)

By  wysegirl  |  21

Were you smart enough to buy GAP insurance?

  rickAUS  |  22

Plenty of ways but I'll favour the neighbour overshot their own driveway, pulled into OPs without realising and hit OPs car; or they made a shitty turn into their own driveway and hit OPs car which was parked on a driveway next to their own.

By  phantom4421  |  5

at least you know who it is. I bought my dream car, and 2 months later, at my friends apartment in the middle of the day, someone t boned it going 20 mph and crushed the side in. they also left the scene and noone aww it. yes I had insurance, but still.