By badbitch23 - 07/12/2015 23:21 - United States - Killeen

Today, someone finally got the guts to punch my extremely rude mother in the face. My wife. FML
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badbitch23 tells us more.

Op here, okay my wife's mother died 2 weeks beforehand and my mom thought it would be funny to make a joke out of it. So yes the punch was for sure justified. I haven't spoke to my mom since and I'm happily married with my wife.

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Can I be invited to Christmas dinner?

If you say finally, I'd say you deserve it. Since it sounds like you think it's about time!


If you say finally, I'd say you deserve it. Since it sounds like you think it's about time!

Cat fighting to a whole new level... But you do know that many mothers are not ones to correct right? Its just not worth the pain in the ass ya know?

Wow, judging by your username your mom deserved it, but still that sucks. Family get togethers must be awk now

Can I be invited to Christmas dinner?

yeah we can bring wine and popcorn XD

I'll bring the video cameras!


And some sucker punches by OP's wife.

I'll bring a first aid kit too.... just in case

What about Fruit/Hawaiian Punch?

There's gonna be an RKO outta nowhere right across the ham

Oh don't you just love it when the family comes together?

I agree, your wife sucks.

I think that means his wife is awesome. Right?

I don't believe their sexual relationship was mentioned @5...

27, not everything is an innuendo.

5/27 your comments are opinions formed from misinterpretation, so stop commenting, please.

leogachi 15

@59 The comment from #5 was a pun. Maybe you're the one who should stop commenting.

can I bring the crew and produce a reality TV show at your house please?

She's a keeper!!!

I could really use a "HELL YEAH!" button.

sounds like you are happy about that, why even call it a FML?

In case you needed one more reason to love your wife

I think this may be just the perfect example of a perfect pair