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Today, my fiancée was asleep, so I decided to spoon her from behind and cup her boobs to wake her up nicely. She responded by yelling, "THE TOAST!" and elbowing me in the face whilst still asleep. FML
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OP here- really surprised anyone would think this was cruel, as we've ben together for a long time and therefore know each others boundaries! Makes me sad people have to see the negative in something that makes me smile!

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On the plus side, she'll feel terrible about it for a little while and (hopefully) be extra nice to you the next time you're in bed. *wink


What i learned from fml: Never try to wake someone up, or you will get hurt

Maybe she was hinting that a nicer way to wake her up, would be to bring her breakfast or toast in bed.

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Umm spooning is not *******. I wouldn't mind at all if my partner woke me up with a cuddle and his hands on my boobs. If I woke up to him thrusting in me, that's a little different. I wouldn't agree that what OP did deserves him being elbowed in the face. But if you see it justified, then I feel bad for the next guy who sleeps next to you.

I haven't had any complaints from people in my bed... Is that something you have experience with dear? Pretending to be overly sexual to get likes on FML is rather pathetic... Have a lovely day!

There's always one like you in every crowd.

Yeah because you obviously know op's fiancé as well as he/she does. Smh

I'd be more disappointed if I wasn't getting cuddled by my partner when I woke up. I have accidentally elbowed them in the face when asleep though but we both agree it's worth the risk. lol.

Maybe I'm just weird but I wouldn't mind being woken up by any of this by my partner. Waking up to cuddles is one of the greatest things ever. As long as they have permission, anyway.

OP is female. It says on the top-left corner.

Lol I feel bad for whoever gets stuck with you

Just because YOU don't want to wake up to sex doesn't mean you can speak for every woman out there. It's stereotyping to state that it's only a "guy fantasy"...I'm not saying a guy should wake up his partner with forceful thrusting, but there are women who enjoy waking up to a little morning foreplay, myself included. Not to mention that some people prefer morning sex simply because that's when they're horny. Everyone is different, if you don't like it that's fine, but don't assume everyone feels the same way.

I have had gf ask me not to grope them while sleeping as part of boundrys because of previous relationships (and i respected those requests) and I have had others tell me that it would be ok as long as I was gentle about it.

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I love it when my boyfriend wakes me up like that. Hell he usually falls asleep groping my boobs. It's not like OP ****** her in her sleep, it was just nice gently cuddles. Which a lot of couples like in the morning.

On the plus side, she'll feel terrible about it for a little while and (hopefully) be extra nice to you the next time you're in bed. *wink

Lots of people dream about food. But not so violently.....

This is one of the few FMLs to make me laugh aloud. You should have a toast to your wife for being hilarious.

Maybe she just wanted you to think she was asleep but actually really hates you and wanted to elbow you in the face. I reckon that's it :)

That's right. She'd rather OP spoon her from the front than from the back as was reported.

That's right. OP would have preferred to be spooned from the front than from the back as was reported.

Clearly she would prefer to be buttered up and forked than spooned.