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Today, my sister told me about a website that explained why our stressed cat has been obsessively pulling out the fur on her legs. Interested, I asked for a link. Not just out of deep concern for the cat, but because I have the same problem. FML
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There's also this strange condition called "trichotillomania" where people compulsively pick at their hair. Brought on by a variety of factors.


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There's also this strange condition called "trichotillomania" where people compulsively pick at their hair. Brought on by a variety of factors.

I have that, I have a bald spot on my head.

Yeah, it's rough. my fiance has it too. she just recently got it under control, but the damage it did has left a lasting impact on her self-image.

Heard about this, but didnt realise it was so comman! Best wishes to all those effected.

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48 common, 53 fail for not catching both.

I was about to say the same thing. That could be true for OP--I think it's typically caused by stress--but for the cat, a visit to the vet may be in order.

Yeah, that's what I was going to mention. I have a friend who has that issue; she plucks out her eyelashes particularly when stressed, but there also seem to be other factors she's not quite sure of.

25, I never knew it was a condition, I always thought it was my OCD. I'm always picking hairs out. My shoulders, upper back, chest, etc. I'm going to look that up to see what else I can find out about that.

Uhmm, just to be clear, I don't eat my hair. I had a bald spot in junior high, and I had this hair steroid stuff that was always cold haha

is IS an OCD condition. OCD can be many many things, and some of it gets a name, that way it is easy to diagnose the exact problem and find the right treatment.

No, she has fur on her legs. :3 lol jk

Wow, that is weird for a cat, I thought only birds did that with their feathers. O yea and plz go to a doctor,they are more reliable than the internet most of the time. Get better :D

With cats and dogs both, there are any number of skin conditions that can cause them to shed or pull their fur, either all over or just in specific areas.

actually many animals will start doing self harm when being stressed

Birds sometimes pull feathers out of stress and/or boredom. Cats and dogs can continuously lick a certain spot, which will then turn bald and they can even creat wounds like that. I think this is also a sign of extreme stress or frustration?

The disease or that fact that she says she has fur on her legs...

You should talk to someone OP. You're probably bottling stuff inside and subconsciously u feel thts the only way to relieve stress. Even just talking to your sister or a friend would help. :) hope u get rid of this problem OP

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It is puzzling that she spells "you" completely sometimes and not others.

her mind is so complex we can't even imagine what it's like inside he head

You're pretty smug for someone who keeps making typos himself.

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Well, I'm not the one anonymously being a total dick to a complete stranger for no good reason while simultaneously making similar mistakes to the those for which I am mocking her. And yes, while I won't claim infallibility, my grammar and punctuation are undoubtedly and infinitely superior to yours.

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Well, my mamma always told me never to argue with a fool, so I'll end our conversation here. Have a lovely evening and good luck soothing your raging ego.

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that's strange, comments are disappearing

Awe man that sucks OP! Hope you get rid of that sensation soon!

Perhaps the thought that she couldn't necessarily control it flew straight over your head. Don't be so judgmental on a situation you know almost nothing about

You can control every motion your body makes (the voluntary ones); if you can't then you have a problem and that is weird, as weird is something different from the norm. Everyone is judgmental, it is an evolutionary trait we all have which originated in order to discern danger, we apply it all the time.

54- good point. But I guess the way he worded it aggravated me a bit.

I think you need more than that link for help.

Sounds like Trichophobia. Please get help! My friend had it and it really affected her life.

Close, it isn't a phobia. It is called tricotillomania. My mom has it. I have something similar called dermotillomania. It is related to the OCD family of disorders. It is usually tied with stress though it can become a habit that you just do all the time. Find a therapist or counsellor to talk to. Find out more about it and maybe get a support group online.

AWW man I even googled it and everything. ._. Thank you for the correction.

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I also have dermatillomania. It's not fun. I've recently realized that it's a stress reaction for me (because It can be brought on by other things), and now I can finally work on treating it!

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I'm the same #96 I've realised I can distract myself from it for a while but eventually I'll start and not even realise what I'm doing! I have multiple health issues that cause me great amounts of pain and stress so I bet that's the main factor.

I have it too, and it's not a fun thing to deal with. I feel bad for my brows as they suffered the most during my teenage years. but with distractions, they're almost back :)

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I believe that is trichotilomania, not too sure about the spelling. You should seek help because that isn't healthy.

I'm so stressed out! You know what it is??? IT'S ALL THIS DAMN HAIR! AAAAUGH! *rage rips out hair*