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Today, my seven-year-old told me to lose weight. Her reason? There's a family fun day coming up at her school and she is embarrassed. FML
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Ouch! Children are honest like that. She doesn't mean it in a horrible way, just try it. Who knows?

Hahaha probably need to lose weight do it for her ;)


Hahaha probably need to lose weight do it for her ;)

shanemaximo 7

Use it as motivation to get in shape. There are a ton of benefits, the best of which is a proud seven year old and more years to spend with her. :)

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conqueror57 11

Don't blame being judgemental on Barbie. Plenty of us played Barbies constantly and had enough sense to look at the real world for reality and not an immobile plastic doll.

This is the sad, sad world we live in now days. Little girls are ashamed of their own mother because they aren't what the media thinks is ideal

59. I can blame Barbie. I was homeschooled and I lived in a small town where there weren't many people to compare, the ones I saw happened to be really skinny. so the only media I was exposed to was Barbie dolls which are all skinny. there's no fat barbies. so I figured that everyone is supposed to look like that.

Maybe the OP is happy with their weight. If that is true and there are no health risks there is no need for her to try to lose weight.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Small town ok... But please stop making homeschoolers look bad. 67 (I think) your games with Barbie sounds awesome! I used to dismember mine and hang them from strings across the room to freak my asshole father out.

To be honest, 70, if she were like two hundred pounds of obesity, I would be ashamed, too. Not saying she is, but as an example, let's say she is. The media might not be right, but I don't agree on going around and saying 'be who you are! Make society accept that you are overweight and love your body for what it is!' Because let's be honest, more than enough people are using that as justification to their unhealthy weights, diets, and lifestyles. Yeah, some people have diseases or circumstances where they can't control their weight no matter how much they exercise or eat healthy, but most people don't.

LOL! No matter weight or size... OP's child should not be embarrassed. Bet OP is beautiful just the way she is!

If your trunk doesn't look good when you walk then it is time to lose some weight.

50 -- ur a bitch no-offence but thats out of order to ur mum did u ever say sorry ???

136, I only know I did it cause she told stories. she laughed. i never had to apologize she didn't care. I was like 6, so she didn't take it seriously. I might be a bitch now but I wasn't then.

Make society accept that they're over weight?! Wtf?! It's none of society's damn business! Or yours for that matter. Health concerns aside, if someone purposely packs on 300 lbs just for the hell of it, it doesn't affect your life at all. Get over yourself.

It's sad what society and media has taught her already. I didn't care about that stuff when I was seven!

Yes isn't such a terrible thing that the media taught her about the hazards of obesity such as High Blood Pressure, Stroke, Diabetes, and High cholesterol. **** the media and society.

I swear many Americans always make an excuse on why they can't change eating habits and lose weight. The reason why we are the fattest country in the world is pretty obvious

Gotta love te anti American douches:) Changing your diet is tough. For many reasons: it can be expensive.. Fatty yummy junk foods make you (temporarily) happy.. People around you aren't always supportive as they should be, etc. It's possible, I'm not saying it's not, I've done it, but it's tough.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

54 - It's a little hard to sympathize with people for being overindulgent.

MissHayleyJames 7

Even if you do only eat healthy and bust your ass to lose weight, not everyone can. Some people are designed to be bigger. There are those people we all hate that are stick thin and can live off of nothing but junk because they're designed to be skinny, so why is it that people just don't believe we can be designed to be fat too? Losing weight isn't just calories in vs. calories out. That only gets you so far before your genetics tell you to **** off.

MerrikBarbarian 9

Actually no, people are not meant to be bigger. There is no such thing as big boned. Humans of the same height and sex have the same base bone size and structure. The problem is corn. It's subsidized and in everything- even healthy foods like peanut butter. Corn is not really utilized by the body. It's a cheap filler. The body turns the glucose from the corn into fat. I struggled to lose weight til I started growing and preparing my own food- no additives. People 50 years ago ate more fat and were thinner because it's not fat... It's genetically modified foods and cheap fillers in everything. I'm currently in the middle of doing research in this area. Obesity jumps waaay up with the introduction of Gmo and corn fillers. Also, Gmo food you need to eat often 10x more. It makes more plants, but the now 10 plants have the combined nutrition of 1 before

88- Would you care to cite sources and studies that support the evidence you used?

54- i bet you're one of those people that when they think they did something good,

54- i bet you're one of those girls that think weighing 200 is thick hahahaha

courtneyann211 10

88 please tell me why my hips are wider in an X-ray compared to other females my height and age if all our shapes on the inside are the same.

courtneyann211 10

And that's before starting to carry babies

MissHayleyJames 7

I'm not talking about our bones, although some people do have somewhat bigger bones than others. I'm talking metabolisms, fat storage, etc. Some people are genetically designed to store more fat and have low metabolisms, just like some people are genetically designed to not store an ounce of fat and can eat 4000 calories a day and have 5% or less body fat.

#98-- Yes, people do come in different shapes and sizes. However, there's a huge difference between just being naturally chubby but still healthy and being ridiculously fat/overweight, as many people are. Chubbiness is definitely a result of genetics TO AN EXTENT, but the majority of people who are overweight are that way because of other reasons. For example, I have a relative who weighs over 400 lbs. His brother is of average weight. Don't tell me that has to do with genetics. If they were "designed" to be chubby, they wouldn't be unhealthy as a result of their weight as well. Likewise, there are people who are designed to be skinny and can be perfectly healthy despite looking thin, but that doesn't mean that eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia don't exist. If you are unhealthy as a result of your weight, as most extremely fat or extremely thin people are, you probably WEREN'T designed to be that way.

MissHayleyJames 7

When you get to be 400 lbs, no that's not genetics, but you can be more than just chubby. My minimum weight is 175 at 5'6, unless I get surgery. That's a bit more than "chubby", but that's just how I'm designed. I weigh a little more than that now only because I don't torture myself. In order to stay at 175, I have to eat 1200 calories a day, bust my ass in the gym an hour a day every day, and never touch any sort of food that has any flavor. **** that. I eat about 1500-1700 calories a day, spend 3-5 hours a week in the gym, and enjoy good foods in moderation. I'm a little bigger than my absolute minimum weight by doing that, but I'm not depriving myself of life. I still take care of myself and try to live a healthy lifestyle, but I enjoy ice cream or fried chicken here or there. I don't eat crap every day and I don't gorge myself but I'm not going to deprive myself and be miserable, because what kind of life is that?

I'm talking about looks, which is what I interpreted her child to be talking about. It's very good to teach kids about consequences of being over weight, but the media has a played a big role in the beauty aspect.

57- Actually it is calories in calories out, that is the law of thermal dynamics. People just need to find their calorie intake that suits their metabolism. Unless you have gone to the doctor and been diagnosed with a thyroid or other issue you are a complete disgrace if you say you can't lose weight. Whenever people tell me it's too expensive to eat healthy I just want to slap them. A single meal at McDonald's is around $6-7 so about $18-21 per day. You can go buy a club pack of boneless skinless chicken thighs(tastier than breast and nearly the same calories by weight) for $8 and that can last you 3-4 days. Two bunches of broccoli at $2.50 will last you 3-4 days. Sweet potatoes are fricken delicious and are like 98 cent a pound. Broccoli and sweet potato fill you up and are very low calorie. Now that we debunked cost lets talk about time. Unless you have 5 kids going to different schools and leave at different times where they can't take a bus, and you are a rocket scientist needing to save the world, the 5 minutes it takes to cook everything I posted above shouldn't cut into your jersey shore couch time. Get off the couch and throw some stuff on the pan during a commercial. Next commercial come back and wow it's done. Next go to the gym, when you go don't half ass it. If you are overweight you can easily burn 300-500 calories in half an hour. Don't go to the gym and walk on the treadmill, set that thing on at least 2.0% incline and jog, if you can't jog for 30 minutes then jog for 1 and walk for 2, but you better be lowering the amount of walking you do everytime you go. Also lift some friggen weights, you think your metabolism is slow? Then how about you change that by building some muscle. And NO YOU WILL NOT BECOME SOME GIANT BODY BUILDER BECAUSE YOU TOUCHED SOME WEIGHTS. Sorry for the long rant but people who can only make excuses make me mad. Also on the food front, don't eat what I posted every meal every day, change it up with lean fishes, spinach, fruits, etc. you should also have a cheat meal (MEAL NOT DAY) so you dont go insane, but please dont go ad eat a whole large pizza as that defeats the purpose. also make sure you're still calculating your calories. Counting calories sucks, but you know what sucks more? Heart failure in your 40's leaving your kids without a parent before they can even fully sustain themselves.

MissHayleyJames 7

You really are one ignorant dumbfuck aren't you? I'm married to a bodybuilder/personal trainer so I know all about working out. I do interval training and mix up bike, elliptical, and treadmill and then I do weights after that. I also throw in Zumba to burn extra calories a few times a week. I count calories, I don't drink soda, I eat something fried maybe once a month, we eat more chicken than anything, lots of low cal protein shakes and bars in between meals, etc etc etc. If my metabolism requires 1200 calories just to MAINTAIN my weight at 175, I'd have to be ******* anorexic to lose anymore than that. I absolutely tortured myself eating nothing but clean, healthy, low cal/fat foods (while taking in healthy fats) with a totally balanced diet and lost 25lbs in 4 months. I continued that diet, did plateau breakers, changed things up a bit, and didn't lose a single pound in the next 3 months. No matter what I did I couldn't get below 175. On the other end of things, my husband can't gain weight. As a bodybuilder he stuffs his face (not with junk but just food in general) and eats over 4000 calories a day and cannot get above 183. He and his best friend can eat half a pizza and a tub of ice cream each and absolutely nothing happens to them. It's ignorance at its best to think that people genetically can't gain weight, but deny just the opposite as well. Until you're on the other end of the spectrum and can't lose the weight no matter what, shut the **** up because you don't know shit.

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

I disagree, 112. I found it informative and inspirational.

111- to add to your argument that healthier food isn't really more expensive-- if you think in the long run, it's cheaper to buy fresh food like broccoli, chicken and sweet potatoes than it is to pay for high blood pressure and diabetes medication in the future. Eating well is good prevention. Also, frozen veggies and fruit are cheaper than fresh.

115 - First of all I'm sorry if I insulted you as I was only pointing out the law of thermal dynamics. The bulk of my rant was not for you. Let me give you some background as to why I feel so strongly about this subject. I am currently a dietician/personal trainer/body builder. When I was 16 my dad died of heart failure from being overweight, at the time I was 284lbs. My mom did not have a job at the time and my dad brought in all the income for our family at the time. After his death my mom could barely find enough work to put food on our table while my older brother and myself worked menial jobs just to help out. I made the decision to change my life and over the next 3 years I dropped down to 176 which I have maintained up to now with sub 10% body fat. I feel anyone who does not do whatever they can to change their lifestyle for the better is selfish as they affect others around them. Since you have expressed that you have done as much as you could I respect you for your efforts. Having said that have you tried other methods aside from reduced calories? Like IF, carb cycling, or ketosis? If not, these are somethings that a few of my clients have tried with similar problems to yours.

MissHayleyJames 7

I've tried everything kind of program but Medifast which I know will work to get me back in the 170s, but I'm not going to live my entire life never eating solid foods again. The one program I lost the most on I ate what they told me so I didn't have to count anything and it was all fresh produce, lean meats, healthy fats, lots of protein, and whole grains. My dad is the same way, as is his mother. After fighting our whole lives with it, it gets to the point where you say "**** it, I'm not going to be miserable trying to lose weight for 70+ years". We've considered lap band but the diet afterwards is the same kind of hell we've already been through. We are just not designed to be little. My dad still has issues with it but I've come to terms with it and I'm accepting who I am. I still look good even though I'm bigger. Sure I looked better 20lbs ago, but like I said, the torture it takes to stay there is absolutely not worth it in the least. If you need antidepressants because of it that's no life. I have had all my numbers checked an I fall into the "fat and fit" category. My BP is actually at the lower end of normal, my cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and thyroid are all normal. It's just who I am and I'm still beautiful even though I'm a 16 instead of a 2.

Feel sorry for you OP. No offense or anything, but maybe it's time to start going to the gym?

Even going out for walks too. You have to start somewhere OP, do it for your daughter.

xoconnie 8

if the kid knows you need to lose weight, you most likely do. They speak the truth about crap like that dude.. so like they said take walks, ride bikes, and have smaller portion sizes. don't feel bad, just make a change. it will benfit you and your family in the future:)

lebronesque73091 12

You gotta love kids' honesty.

Ouch! Children are honest like that. She doesn't mean it in a horrible way, just try it. Who knows?

youjustmademelol 4

I agree she does not want to offend you she probably does not know it's offensive. You should try to lose some weight :p

Try cardio warrior. I would but I'm under weight. Lol.

MerrikBarbarian 9

You are 16. That's common. Give it a few years and your metabolic rate will tank and you won't be underweight anymore :p

I eat more then then most of the huge kids though.

Do it! Just do it and make your kid proud and gain years to your life back.

Shame on you! Even your young daughter knows better!

Settle down there, OP already copped it bad enough from her daughter. I say good luck OP, cardio will be your friend.

Do you even know what sarcasm is? Because that definitely isn't what was in marinus's sentence.

MissHayleyJames 7

Marinus, you're usually so nice on here. Just because you were blessed with good genetics doesn't mean everyone is so stop being vain for 5 minutes and consider yourself lucky.

Good genetics... Steroids... It's all the same.

Children are so honest, so frank and straight to the point.

"Mommy, I get embarrassed when you sneak hamburgers into your fat rolls."

perdix 29

What do you think the fat rolls are made of? Hamburgers and fries, of course!