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  ranbeer  |  0

dude seriously u don't know the magic behind those things. Go the bar and start showing everybody, tell them that you are trying to reach a certain blood alcohol level (aim for .20) and watch everyone buy u shots!

  22cute  |  17

Not only is it a great thing to have, it also shows that your mother loves you! She wants to keep you alive but doesn't want to stop you enjoying yourself.

  lway2009  |  0

Yes, I don't get it. My mom bought me one of those years ago, but it never worked (then again, I don't drink and drive). But it was the thought that counted....why is this an FML?

By  _fake_  |  0

I don't understand why this is an fml.
fMl for taking the time to read this.

I think it would be an FML if you were a recovering alcoholic or 52 years old.

  lway2009  |  0

YES. I know much worse potential FMLs that were rejected, and this one made it? I thought that this was a good gift - a reminder to be responsible.

By  Rota  |  0

Not an FML, but I saw those little keychain breathalyzers on a while back. They're awesome, but not all that reliable. It's more of a party gag than anything.

By  perdix  |  29

I guess if you are at a party and you are too drunk to drive, I'm sure you can find some guy to drive you home. I don't know where you will wake up, but you will have been driven. Maybe more than once.