By Anonymous - 17/04/2009 13:44 - United States

Today, my husband of three years told me he only proposed to me because his favorite football team was winning and he had been drunk. I had our second child three days ago. FML
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i hope when he said this to you he added something along the lines of "i'm so lucky i did"

What is the problem here? he got to get drunk and watch his team win, you got the ring. you're obviously still together. it seems to me like good things happen when he's drunk. go out and get him a case of beer and ask him for a new house. you got this champ


Well... just think about what would have happened if they had been losing! There's always a bright side.

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Oh and to add on, all of you saying if I was proposed to in the middle of a football game I'd say no.... Blah Blah Blah. You don't know until you are in that situation. So you can't say what you'd do, you just have to wait.

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It all depends on what the context was... if it was a heat of the moment statement, then I think there is still some room for forgiveness. Everybody says things they don't mean when they're arguing. However, that was still an extremely uncalled for thing to say and I hope you get creative with his punishment. I would also wonder why he proceeded to have two children with you if he didn't have affections for you. Three years is a long time to stay in a marriage where there isn't love on both sides of the fence. Or maybe he's just a jerk. Who knows.

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WOW! Shouldn't you tell if he's drunk? Idiot. And he kept banging you up so he's a retard. YDI and FYL

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To #10 and OP: You both are dumb. You deff shouldn't eagerly say "yes! yes!" to his proposal, if hes drunk and watching a football game. On the other hand, it shouldn't be a swift and permanent "no", either!!! What you should have done is simply told him that you'd think about it, and to propose to you in the future, when A) he's not drunk or watching sports, and B) you've had time to think about it. With that said, was he drunk when he said THAT, too? Or was he angry? Guys and girls both are downright vicious and cruel when they fight; we don't mean everything we say. We're human. You should have learned this by now. So do me a favor and forget about what he said. If your relationship is going good, that's all that matters. And even if it isn't... well, you now have TWO kids to worry about and take care of and teach!

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this is bullshit, telling you now what you should've done back then. if he proposed to you only because of that game and because he was drunk, he's an asshole and needs therapy, and for telling you that he's an even bigger asshole. you deserve fucking better!

Aw dude... Why would he tell you that *right* after you had a second kid together? That really, really sucks. ): At least congrats on the baby!

What a weak excuse for a human he is; it's not like you ran off and married him right after the game when he was still drunk. He had plenty of time to backpedal, and no one but the most pathetic of people would get married against his will. No, I bet he did want to marry you, or he wouldn't have done it. I bet he was just rewriting history to try and hurt you.