By Anonymous - / Saturday 20 October 2018 13:30 /
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By  RichardPencil  |  26

Sounds like a great job -- it's one that can never be outsourced to a foreign country or done by robots.

Coinstar? Yes, I've heard of Coinstar. Oooooohhh. Sorry, robot.

  Quasita  |  22

They wouldn't use a thing like Coinstar for this though, because Coinstar takes 10 cents on the dollar. However, a typical bank has a change counter. They aren't that hard to come by, you can get them for your house even. Counts and rolls coins for you.

By  Suzi_d16  |  23

According to the U.K. coinage act, you do not have to accept more than 20p in 1p or 2p coins if it does not suit you. I researched this specifically so I could use it against customers who came in with bags and bags of them to pay for their groceries.

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