By whydadwhy - 29/01/2016 22:52 - United States - Clyde

Today, my whack job of a father told my 8-year-old son that his cat deserves a bullet to the head for being so damn stupid. FML
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Hey, OP here. Anyways, for those who are saying I should take it as a joke--he was fully serious when he said it. He's not the best human being. He's done this before, and I don't know why he specifically attacks my son's kitten. He's threatened to let the cat outside so it can get hit by a car, has said he hopes it runs away and never comes back, and I even caught him trying to kick and/or chuck it out of a room. He repeated what he said to my husband, but claimed that my son couldn't take a joke and refused to apologize. My son was speechless when he said it and went to his room because he didn't want to be seen crying. He's only 8; he doesn't need to hear that his grandfather wants to kill his cat. My husband did the responsible thing and told my father that he thinks he shouldn't be involved with my son that much anymore.

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WTF kind of thing is that to say to any child with a pet...

Good. Your dad needs to be out of the picture as much as possible. That's ****** up.


Maybe you shouldn't bring your son around your boss anymore.

How the **** did you get "boss" out of "father"?

I sincerely apologize for misreading this fml. My brain went faster than my eyes, I will read future ones more thoroughly that's for sure.

maybe your father deserves a bullet for acting so inappropriately

No I'm not serious. I'm showing how silly/idiotic his logic is

#2, I think monsters like the OP's dad do need a bullet in their brain. The OP replied that the monster threw and kicked the poor cat. Abusing smaller beings like cats, dogs, or children should not be tolerated and abusers shouldn't be wasting resources like food, water, and oxygen.

I hope your father does not actually own a gun, then.

WTF kind of thing is that to say to any child with a pet...

Wowie...thats the exact same thing my dad said about my pets while I was growing up. I no longer speak to him.

30- don't you think that's a little bit harsh, it's not like he actually did shoot them did he?

33 - Absolutely not. That type of behavior from someone who is supposed to be a role model can have harmful emotional repercussions. It's absolutely not overkill to cut someone out of your life who knows what they're saying is hurtful to you.

It's a cat not a person. Who cares if it isn't the brightest? Makes them more funny and enjoyable.

Why 26? Simply because she doesn't mind if her cat is dumb??

26, you do seem like a confused cat here. :p They're saying it doesn't matter if the cat is stupid, not that it wouldn't matter if the cat got shot.

Your dad needs a whack to the head for disrespecting your little one

We just call one of our cats "Not Righty"

He might be your father, but you're a father too and you have the right to put your dad in his place for a comment like that.