By ChrissiOfTheHill - 18/06/2009 09:01 - Canada

Today, I went for a really important job interview. She loved my portfolio and we got along really well. But I guess that a corner of my skirt got caught underneath my shoe when I stood up to shake her hand, exposing my teeny-tiny underwear and neglected bikini line. She didn't shake my hand back. FML
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My skirt was knee-length and flowy (Im am artist and am therefore not required to dress like a square) and yes i was in-between waxings so it wasnt a jungle down there...just...neglected as I said haha And I dont think Im gonna get that shoulda seen her face!

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"Speak your mind, but please try and be respectful"

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I think you mean "exposing my teenytiny ******," not underwear

yay im on top when my comment is really late.........8 inch wang

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maybe you should buy shorter skirts. I am in shock some would buy a long skirt in this stage. All this kinda shows you are a mess. Clean yorself up.

#179, better to look like a mess then a slag

She's just jealous that you can pull it off

Well, she can't really pull it off if she's got a neglected bikini line.

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What kind of skirt were u wearing to an interview that was that long and could slip off that easily

Words cannot express the sheer brilliance of this post. Alright ladies, get to work!

Wardrobe malfunction for the win? J/k. That sucks! And stepping on my skirt causing it to pull down sounds like something I would do.... But thats why you're suppoed to take care of yourself. Not that you have to, but it would have saved yourself even more embaressment.

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Think positively! At least you weren't free balling! xD

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not shaving doesn't mean that she's a hippie shaving is a hassle, especially there

well you should always shave your crotch before a job interview, just in case... yeah right

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I think he was talking about her legs. Not her ******. Really...

It depends on the profession. What if she was applying to be a stripper? Then you definitely need to shave.

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it says "Speak your mind, but please try and be respectful,please try and be respectful,please try and be respectful,please try and be respectful,please try and be respectful,"

oh my god. shut up. i am soooo sick of guys telling us to shave our goodies. it not hygenic and its painful. get over it. you dont have to shave yours so why do girls have to shave theres. its unfair. after all you're the ones who go inside us. how retarded is that. and this could happen to anyone. stop blaming her.

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#30 a girl and i totally agrre with u Feminist people are ass's...let girls be girls and let guys be guys Like seriously

You know, #30... there is room in between "really long" skirts and two inch skirts. Wearing even a knee-length skirt shows hairy legs, if you have them.

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I think it is the other way around

Too bad you did not interview with a man.