By Anonymous - 11/09/2009 09:01 - Mongolia

Today, I spoke to my dad for the first time in over a year. I've been volunteering in Mongolia, I have no running water, freeze my ass off everyday and communication with anyone who speaks English is scarce. One of the first things my father said to me was, "out of sight, out of mind." FML
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Lolersauczors 0

She could have visited her dad or went to a different area in Mongolia. Besides, while volenteering you don't get any thing better than the people your helping. So of course she went somewhere else. God, people use logic and think.

JessicaAnnnn 0

omg you guys are dumb. when you volunteer, you are obviously helping a less fortunate part of the country. so no there isnt running water, and it probably is cold, and THERES NO INTERNET! sheesh...the people that go on these trips dont stay there the whole time, they get breaks to go back to civilization for a little bit where there is internet.... if some of you took the time to research anything you might understand.


Damn, why did he said that... I'm sorry for you.

How is this a FML? It's not really that bad.

hey123hey123 0

he is her dad

=( What an asshole...

plutosaplanet 0

you say you /have/ no running water, etc. are you still there? you have internet who needs water or heat? =)

that's what I was going to say... how have you even heard of FML then??

yah ik! i mean you've just talked to your dad in over a year, you have no heat or running water, yet you have access to a computer? just email people who speak english or something! or go on facebook...i'm calling this one fake.

hellocello600 0

Well, at least you won't miss home as much.

If communication is hard then of course its rare that you communicate with your dad. On the other hand, you do this to yourself of course. If you don't like it you could go back home and do some voluntary work there. I bet he still had you in his mind once and a while.

I think he meant it was hard to communicate with the other people around him not his dad.

I have friends who went away for the Peace Corps, to far off countries without any means of communication, and come back and get pissed that people forgot about them. Maybe you should have volunteered in America, where people need PLENTY of help, before going to effing Mongolia.

And by "America," I mean your home country. Hello, ethnocentrism.

umm i'm pretty sure there are people in America that could help others (cough cough) and Mongolia is more rural and maybe there aren't people around to help. America has enough rich bastards to help the freaking unfortunate who are IN America. jesus and don't bash on someone who is helping others, you're not doing anything but sitting on your ass in front of your computer.


another mean family story from FML ... very sad, not funny

rayrayy_fml 0

You're complaining about no running water or heat...on the...internet. How bad could it be?

moonlight_daze 8

I am sensing a disturbance in the force.

couchstealer 2

fake because: first of all, Ulaanbaatar is the capital and it most definitely has running water. "The average summer temperature is +20c (+65F) . Winter is –20c (-13F) ." that's what you'd call cold? Mongolia is in the same hemisphere so it's summer there too.

xThatRandomGirlx 0

Yes, it's in the same hemisphere, but where she's staying is also in the mountains, which will automatically make the location colder, no matter what hemisphere it's on. Besides, how do you know it has running water. Even in the biggest cities in America, there are some areas with no running water or functioning heat. God I hate it when idiots decide to call fake.

couchstealer 2

how much do you know about mongolia exactly? she's not staying in the mountains, she's staying in the capital. it has running water because... it does? here's an example they shut off water for 3 days so they must've had it in the first place. and that's not even the capital go do your research before calling someone an idiot

xThatRandomGirlx 0

I DID do my research IDIOT. The capital is in the mountains, look it up on a fucking map. That is all I am going to say

couchstealer 2

good one, maybe you should also go "volunteer" in the the mountains because there are lots of goats that need help there ;)

I wonder if anyone considered the OP might be on a break from volunteering in the capital? C'mon you guysh.

Maybe I am messsed , but did not see where op said anything about the capital

Maybe the OP didn't see the neeed, nor does the OP care if people call fake on a website where half of the FMLs are probably fake.

CyclonePsycho 1

The OP could very well have written this in an internet cafe while visiting the capital. It's not that hard to figure out, y'know.

That news article referred to Inner Mongolia, which is a region in China. Inner Mongolia =/= Mongolia.

So, you pulled this stunt to see if "Absense makes the heart grow fonder" and it backfired. Tough crap.