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Today, my fiancé dumped me because he claimed he needed to "focus on his career and his engagement." When I asked him how dumping me would help with his engagement, he immediately replied with, "No, I mean my other one." FML
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Sounds like you're better off without him.

It's a good thing he told you before the walk down the aisle. It's a lot less paperwork and fees to deal with.


Sounds like you're better off without him.

It sounds like a rude joke to me hah, I don't believe he has a second engagement going on, that's kind of hard to hide, implying he had a second relationship for a while.

TeamKelly 10

OP seriously dodged a bullet.

Or he could be making you an April Fool.

i can't help thinking OPs fiance meant engagement as in when people say 'i'm otherwise engaged'. but then again i've had some wine so i might be wrong

19, you realize how much people cheat, right? It's not that unheard of.

DKjazz 20

So he bought two separate engagement rings, proposed on two separate occasions, and probably spent a fortune on fancy dinners alone. Did he actually think you'd both be cool with it? I think you should lure them to your parents house for a threesome so your dad can kill the shit out of them.

It's a good thing he told you before the walk down the aisle. It's a lot less paperwork and fees to deal with.

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And.. No money was wasted on a meaningless wedding, assuming OP and her ex-fiancé were both sharing the expenses.

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Wow! What a douche. You deserve better

You know since there are dumbasses out there who don't really understand how far to take a joke, it seems much more likely this was followed up with April fools.

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What crawled up your ass? Douche

Well that situation heightened expeditiously...

I notice what you concocted in your previous statement

You have my sympathies, but it sounds like you're better off without the lying cheater. And at least you found out before you married him!

maybe by "other one" he meant his career ? :/

It's pretty clear he meant another woman.

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Or another man... and the plot thickens..

Wow OP. I'm really sorry. :( You're far better off without that bullshit though.

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Good riddance. Plenty of fish in the sea OP!

Be glad he's not the one you're gonna be stuck with and it's not you who's left in the dark

I'm assuming he's not focusing on his career as a salesman, because he could've sold that breakup much better.