By Kurliez408 - 06/06/2017 12:45

Today, my favorite necklace fell off at school. Later, I saw another girl wearing it. When I told her it was mine, she accused me of trying to steal it and that it was a gift from her sister. I might have thought she had an identical necklace, except I hand-made mine. FML
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Kurliez408 tells us more.

OP here! I really enjoyed (most of) those comments! This actually happened about 10 years ago xD I did call her out on it and told her I hand-made mine. She reluctantly handed it over, which she wouldn't have done if it was REALLY from her sister! For those saying I could've shown a picture- again, 10 years ago haha. Phone cameras were pretty crappy and less popular. Plus I only had the necklace for about two weeks. All's well that ends well and let the stealer go sulk to her friends!

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What a fucking bitch. I'd take it to the principle.

Fuck that. Call her out on it and tell her it was hand made. If that don't work, then kick her ass and take it back


What a fucking bitch. I'd take it to the principle.

PrinciPAL. I'd normally let spelling mistakes go, but with this word, it's a matter of principle.

Yup your principal is a pal

Call that bitch out and fight her. Sometimes violence solves problem and this is the time.

Not the best idea right now, but just imagine doing it instead of really literally doing it

Fuck that. Call her out on it and tell her it was hand made. If that don't work, then kick her ass and take it back

Who's to say OP doesn't get her ass kicked, and not get the necklace back? Just because you're right doesn't make you a good fighter.

Something like this happened to me with a pair of headphones. I lost them then found some girl wearing them two months later. I knew they were mine because they had different sized buds and they were an off-brand set. I couldn't get mine back but I hope you can get your necklace back OP

Maybe her sister copied you? They say, "Good artists copy; Great artists steal." Either her sister is a good artist or the girl is a great artist.

Or, you know, the infinitely more logical explanation is it's the OP's.

Are you trying to cut me with Occam's Razor?

Nah, she's just a con artist.

Would've smacked that bitch

Got any pictures of you wearing it or making it?Show the principal, have her called out and make her give it back and tell the principal

Maybe her sister stole it then gave it to her.

haha maybe! but she was wearing it only a few hours after it fell. I think she was just using it as an excuse to get me to back off :P

dude that's messed up! Sorry if I didn't read your answers after this but I hope you got it back! my dad's ashes are in a handmade necklace so i understand!

Tartara 14

I'd find a picture of you wearing the necklace -if it's your favorite you probably have at least one- then after telling her it was hand made, take it up with the principal if she doesn't give it back. A quick Google search would reveal you can't buy it because it's hand made, and obviously it's yours because you have a picture with it.

Steal it back when shes not looking. What is she going to do, say you stole it? Or get the school to call your parents. Find a picture of you wearing it. I'm sure your parents would know of your favorite necklace.