By Kurliez408
Today, my favorite necklace fell off at school. Later, I saw another girl wearing it. When I told her it was mine, she accused me of trying to steal it and that it was a gift from her sister. I might have thought she had an identical necklace, except I hand-made mine. FML
Kurliez408 tells us more :
OP here! I really enjoyed (most of) those comments! This actually happened about 10 years ago xD I did call her out on it and told her I hand-made mine. She reluctantly handed it over, which she wouldn't have done if it was REALLY from her sister! For those saying I could've shown a picture- again, 10 years ago haha. Phone cameras were pretty crappy and less popular. Plus I only had the necklace for about two weeks. All's well that ends well and let the stealer go sulk to her friends!
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  pjsr  |  32

Who's to say OP doesn't get her ass kicked, and not get the necklace back? Just because you're right doesn't make you a good fighter.

By  1DisGR8  |  32

Something like this happened to me with a pair of headphones. I lost them then found some girl wearing them two months later. I knew they were mine because they had different sized buds and they were an off-brand set. I couldn't get mine back but I hope you can get your necklace back OP

By  Tartara  |  14

I'd find a picture of you wearing the necklace -if it's your favorite you probably have at least one- then after telling her it was hand made, take it up with the principal if she doesn't give it back. A quick Google search would reveal you can't buy it because it's hand made, and obviously it's yours because you have a picture with it.

By  Seeya55  |  31

Steal it back when shes not looking. What is she going to do, say you stole it?

Or get the school to call your parents. Find a picture of you wearing it. I'm sure your parents would know of your favorite necklace.