By Anonymous - 6/7/2017 21:00 - Italy
Today, I had to have knee surgery. When I woke up, I found myself with a bandage around my head. The surgeon explained to me that one of the students in the operating room had fainted during the procedure, falling over and head-butting me on her way down. FML
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By  RollingToTheTop  |  4

I would sue or refuse to pay the bill. I'm surprised they even told you it was their fault. Seems like a carefully wrapped lawsuit tied in a big hospital themed bow has been placed in your gift pile.


You clearly don't understand how teaching hospitals work dude. The patient is told/knows that it's a hospital where residents observe and learn. Op could have gone to a community hospital if they weren't willing to have a student or resident watch their procedure. Idk how different Italy is, but if it's anything like the U.S. op would never win that lawsuit

By  Misoranomegami  |  16

Waiting for the fml 'Today after 3 years and $75k in med school debt I witnessed my first surgery. I fainted and landed on the patient injuring him. Guess I won't be a doctor after all...'

By  Ifuckedthefeartu  |  30

Geez what a lightweight. I mean even I've observed a surgery with no problem, and I'm not even a med student. Well, hopefully she's gotten in out of her system, and you weren't injured badly op