By Nucléotide - France
Today, I'm looking after three little girls, aged 3, 5 and 7 years old. We're watching Bambi, and when the mom dies, my eyes tear up. The girls', not so much. They climb on my knees, telling me that it's just a cartoon. FML
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  Ms_ValS  |  27

I just realised that too. How come this FML from 8 years ago is at the top of the Latest page, which I just realised also has FML from 2015 and 2012. Are they recycling FMLs just so that they can apply their 1 ad for every 6 FMLs? Omg I feel tricked.

By  Ms_ValS  |  27

Don't sweat it OP. I didn't develop the ability to cry over sad things until I was about 15. I didn't even cry at my grandparents' funerals between the ages of 9-14. Then one day, during a sad talk about unfortunate people in my school, I was legitimately stunned when tears just started rolling down my cheeks. Maybe 10 years from now they'd all be crying when Bambi dies. And there's no shame in that.