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Today, the cops showed up at our door at 11 pm. Apparently, our neighbours thought I was being abused because they heard high-pitched screaming for 45 minutes straight. Little did they know our 6-month-old baby screams when she's happy. Loudly. FML
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It's not that I'm mad at my neighbours for calling the cops, honestly I would've done the same. I'm just upset about officers barging in and handcuffing my boyfriend without explanation. They tried taking him out of the appartment, still handcuffed, still no explanation. Until I started yelling at them to let him go and tell me what the **** was going on they wouldn't give me a second glance. And yes, child protective services were called, and they showed up a bit later. They didn't fully believe me when I said my partner has never laid a finger on me, and they insisted on regular counseling. So now we have a counselor for an unknown amount of time, because they can't get it into their thick skulls that babies scream sometimes. And I live in constant fear, because if our daughter so much as scratches herself or bumps her head against the table we have a chance of losing her. Granted, a small chance, but a chance none the less. Also, our schedules are different from most people because of our job, we mostly live during the night, so it's normal for our kid to be up at 11pm. We're looking for other jobs to fix that.

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At least your neighbours care for you..

well at least your baby seems to be happy.


Seriously how can people not hear the difference? But on the bright side you have neighbors that will call the cops if something happens

Or they were irritated and needed a good excuse for the cops to come and put a stop to it

Yes, how do people not recognize "happy little baby squeals" when they hear 45 minutes of high-pitched screaming in their neighbour's home at night? One can only wonder...

well at least your baby seems to be happy.

baby can be so loud sometimes

*babies* and why didnt you stop her from screaming?

#4 sometimes it isn't very easy to stop a baby from screaming

#3 it is with duct tape

@21 Please for the love of God don't work with kids. Even if that was sarcasm.

#40 I am just joking I would never do that to a kid.

#21 Yea, I agree that wasn't funny. A little Nyquil works alot better since there's no pain from taking the tape off. :-)

At least your neighbours care for you..

imkool136 22

I think neighbors can be assholes, I went outside and wouldn't come in unless my mom, who was making cookies so her hands had a lot of dough on them, opened the door for me. My sisters both opened the door and I said no, I even big one. I could open the door myself, but still, I was amass hole. Our neighbor ended up calling the police cause they thought my mom locked me outside.

Wait... what?

I'm sorry, who's the asshole again? I couldn't get past the bratty attitude. I pray this is sarcasm.

imkool136 22

No, I was a real asshole when I was a kid. I grew up though and grew past that. I don't do anything stupid like that anymore. I do feel bad for my mom, that was probably the least bratty thing I've done when I was a kid... I hate to admit it but I was a devil child... I flooded the living room with the hose. I know people will hate me for being an asshole kid but I'm not destructive anymore, and I don't do stupid stuff anymore.

imkool136 22

I forgot to mention I was like 2.....

how do you delete this

He probably knows the story because his mom told him about it.

LOL@ Deadhorseman. You can't. Sorry. And thanks for editing your comment so that my reply doesn't make sense anymore and I look like a fool. Ha ha! XP

imkool136 22

Np:) lol

Better to be safe than sorry, I guess? I think I'd rather have neighbors who called the cops when they legitimately thought something was wrong when there wasn't, rather than vice versa.

At least it was your baby laughing, not crying!

I guess you'll just have to make your baby miserable from now on.

Steffi3 40

Regardless, babies should be asleep by 11pm. And at that time, I can understand why your neighbours would want some sleep as well.

Babies are full-time jobs. If she fell asleep at, say, 2:00, then woke up at 6:00, its pretty understandable for her to be awake at 11. And the FML said they called because they suspected abuse, not for noise.

#26, you're right that it can be terribly difficult (and sometimes flat-out impossible) to get a baby to sleep when you want it to. To be fair, though, if a baby has been literally screamingly happy for 45 minutes straight, chances are good the kid's been being stimulated rather than calmed, and stimulation is a great way to NOT get a kid to fall asleep. OP, if your baby screams happily for that long despite a calming nighttime routine and lack of stimulation, I feel for you and your neighbors -- FYL, and best of luck to you all.

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I agree that long of screaming is so disrespectful and shows they have no regard for their neighbor I would have done the same thing

traumtzd 16

Being a neighbour is not a full time job tho. They should know better to keep their spawn under control, not to bother other people. I wish there were way more kids related social rules, as people are permanently harassed by kids that will NEVER be told/made to chill down. Might appear mean here, but after reading the follow up, with CPS and whatnot, makes me feel good. Maybe these fail parents will learn how not to affect OTHER people in the future.

#46, Its a 6 month old BABY not a 6 year old, it wouldn't understand social rules... Hardly fail parents. Babies wake up and scream when they want.

#33 and #46, she can't even sit by herself yet, let alone understand social rules and respect. You tell me how to quiet down a six month old who is determined to keep making noise without knocking her out, and then we'll talk. And for the love of god, don't call children 'spawn'. I mean, really?

Great to know people are so happy at the though of other people's lives being ruined. I am not that fond of children but I would NEVER wish CPS on a family that treats their children well. One small mistake boom you have to go through millions of hoops just to get your baby back. I am truly disgusted by these two.

leogachi 15

@46 Has a stranger never affected your life? Ever? Because that seems to be the only explanation for your response.

This is good because if you were really abused, you could have been saved.