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At least now you get to break up with him in person.

I never understand why people pull surprises like this. I’m sorry you discovered this, but what if he had innocent plans with friends, or really needed to study? Your “surprise” would have been an unwanted intrusion.


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given the date, was probably for valentine's day so not so 'intrusive', mediocre nancy drew.

Why not arrange a date instead of just “surprising” people?

I know you try to be funny by saying the "different" things, but it really just doesn't work half the time.

I actually agree with you. I've never been okay with the whole "surprise" thing. Too much chance that they may already have plans

ScarletteEve, I wasn't trying to be funny this time. I find this whole surprise thing annoying. I find the prospect of a surprise party horrifying! If your friends and family can conspire behind your back for a fun purpose, they could do it just as easily for a bad one.

So you bash someone trying to something sweet when she found out her bf is a cheater? You have your priorities backwards.

surprises can be bad or good depending on the person and how they personally feel about surprises. I think the other person in the relationship is the only one who can determine if it would be a good or bad thing. but either way, while it sucks this happened, at least she found out. now she gets to stop wasting her time on a pig that probably would have never even told her about the infidelity had she not walked in.

Mynxie, I did no such thing. I just pointed out how some of us find surprises annoying or worse.

At least now you get to break up with him in person.

Was it another dude or a Female?

You’ve clearly never heard of ‘HumanAnatomy 101’

How else do you study for sex ed? Reading textbooks or notes? Don't think so.

he is not worth it you deserve someone better dump him and hopefully move on in life.

You misspelled "nutty buddy".

Keep an open mind, maybe it was their gender studies homework

Just another example why long distance relationships almost never work out unless the couple already have an extensive in-person history and the distance is only temporary.

So *that's* why it turned into a threesome! Porn finally explained!