By forrealiluvmyslf - United States
Today, I went on a first date with a guy that included dinner, pool and pretty good conversation. Around Midnight he yawned and said the beer was making him sleepy, so he took me home. I wasn't tired so I changed and went out with some friends... and saw him on the dance floor. FML
forrealiluvmyslf tells us more :
The date lasted 4 hours and he took me home with the intention of going home. Not fat, not ugly...His friend ended up inviting him out. I approached him at the club to say hi and kept it moving because I was with friends. I danced with a few other people, including him. He called the next day. I actually made a joke about how funny it would be if I saw him to a friend before we went out. Wasn't down about it, just thought the irony was FML-worthy --- Some of yall are cruel! lol
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By  SofiaM_fml  |  2

I kind of agree with one. It was a first date and apparently he found out he wasn't interested in you, and let you go gently. So it's never nice to be rejected but at least, he wasn't a jerk about it...

By  absurdliaisons  |  0

I love how everyone just assumes the OP was boring. I guess "pretty good conversation" is intarnetz jargon for "I was boring". Apparently I missed that in my, how to be a douche-bag class.

OP: I'm not trying to send hateful when I say this, but rejection happens. It doesn't mean your life is "fucked" just because one guy didn't have the balls to say he wasn't that in to you.

Learn from it and move on. And anyway, who wants a spineless creep who doesn't have the capacity to just say, "Hey, being honest, I'm just not that in to you."

By  Rockyio  |  0

#4... if your the type to throw drinks in peoples face's, then wow...pretty immature of you. If you were the girl on this date I would have told you to your face that you have an attitude problem...and/or your boring lol