By rukus - 16/06/2009 03:25 - Canada

Today, I was was leaving the library when I noticed an elderly woman being mugged. I was about to leave on my bike, but promptly went to help her. After I managed to scare off the mugger, I helped her to her car. As I was heading back to my bike, I notice the mugger riding off on it. FML
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That so sucks. I hate it when nice people have bad things happen to them. Let's hope you get a good break soon for your deed. :)



ok that cartoon sucked and it bearly had anything the do with the fml.... not funny

yeah i agree that cartoon was...crap

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Yeaa, and it had almost NOTHING to do with the FML. I usually like the cartoons, too.

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I hated that cartoon. The second panel was so confusing coming right after the first panel, and what the hell was that love note, curch and hell thing?!

i think the illustration could've ended right after the meteor hits him. we didn't need all the other stuff.

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I agree. That's probably the worst cartoon FML ever, in my opinion. I'm so confused about it. The FML itself isn't that great either. Wow, and what the **** did religion have to do with this FML? D: I'm so ******* confuzzled.

I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE FUNNIEST SO FAR yay caps-lock for everyone! but seriously... he took creative license and extended the story a bit... would have been a bit insubstantial if hadn't have...

um...the illustration was good but the last half of it had nothing to do with the original fml.

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i totally agree, the whole after he died and the note like....stupid. but the fml was funny, poor guy

Same here. The cartoon added so much that was not necessary... the FML itself was pretty funny.

what's funny is that you're also talking about your stupid useless opinion of how useless his opinion was.

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So without having solid proof on me, I'm pretty sure it was done by the same guy who has a webcomic called Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. This FML was done in his same style. If you check it out, you'll understand this one better, or maybe not, you might not get his comic either, what with the luck you guys have been having with the FML. I, personally, thought it was pretty funny.

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Nevermind, I confirmed it. Yeah, I love this guy. His comic cracks me up.

252, if you're talking to me, then you should read my post again. and slowly. cuz i never had an opinion anywhere in my post. i was simply making fun of the person who typed in all caps (and who replied to the first person just to be at the top) and the person's nickname is princess243. doesn't sound like a guy to me. reading comprehension - isn't it just a fickle pickle?

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Agreed, the rest was somewhat pointless.

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youre's not even's AMAZING! xD

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oh... i assume you can make a better one?

i didn't really get how the comic was related to the fml and i didn't laugh no offense...

...aaaaand the cartoonist stole what was supposed to be the funniest moment in the cartoon from SouthPark.

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How awesome to have your FML illustrated by SMBC. Even if it's not one of the better ones, it's still cool to have it done by one of the more popular webcomics. My life would be complete to have an FML I wrote illustrated by xkcd.. lol

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today, i wasted my time reading a shitty comic, FML

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Well saturday morning breakfast cereal is usually awesome... this comic was not their best work.

That so sucks. I hate it when nice people have bad things happen to them. Let's hope you get a good break soon for your deed. :)

Zach Weiner - Possibly the most controversial webcomic artist of our time. And that's just sad. edit - did not actually mean this as a reply.

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This happened in another FML, to a guy who was helping an old lady cross the road, and then a car ran over his bike. Can we be a little bit more original?

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did she at least give you a ride home after that?

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She probably already left, since he said he walked her to her car and -then- headed back over to his bike. Hope you got home okay! Sorry that dumb shit always happens to good people. =/

Orrrr the guy just walked up to a random bike... which happened to be the OP's...

You didn't beat him up? That would have prevented the theft.

That sucks, at least u helped out someone :)

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Karma adds up in "this life" and comes into play in your "next life" (reincarnation). It doesn't help you immediately.