By Anonymous - 21/06/2009 06:43 - United States

Today, I was thinking about how people say if you're gradually introduced to a smell or you're forced to deal with enough, you'll stop noticing it. And how untrue that is. Especially when your roommates sneak a dead rabbit under your bed. FML
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arienh4 0

One of the best written FMLs I've read. Nice. Oh, and FYL.

zolo_fml 0

Eww... that's gross.


Glam_fml 0

Wow, that reminds me of the time I was 6-7 and I put a dead bird under the seat of my dads car. It took him weeks to find it. And then I got a spanking. Maybe you should spank your roommate...?

Bury the rabbit and your roommates in the same big coffin.

theflamezbegin 0

Where the hell did they get a rabbit?

Nice roomates you've got there.. So.. Do you live at a mental institution..? :]

Kill your roommates. They're massive assholes.

mathsponge 0

Hahahahaha that's an FML.... My roomates know I can paralyize dem... U should learn it

Ugh, I do have to wonder what you did to your roommates though, that's gotta be revenge for something pretty big.

The best way to get them back is put a dead fish in the AC of their cars.... Nearly imposible to find

TriniRockStar 0

I think you need new room mates