By rubyroyal123 - 13/08/2017 21:45 - Netherlands

Today, I asked my boyfriend to meet me in the park to talk. Just when I wanted to break up, he knelt down on one knee and proposed. I had to reject him in front of a whole crowd of people. FML
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Did the right thing to let him know. Poor guy. You will be judged by the crowd now, torches and pitchforks!!!

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Did the right thing to let him know. Poor guy. You will be judged by the crowd now, torches and pitchforks!!!

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If you don't want a public rejection then don't have a public proposal.

joeyl2008 29

You shouldnt propose with out knowing the answer. Getting married is a major decision and should be discussed

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Sounds like he knew what you wanted to do and give you a bad name before doing so.

I always did wonder for all those televised proposals that went right, if there's ever been some that went wrong. While not televised, I think this FML just answered my question.

Yeah, you can YouTube the videos. Some look fake but there are a bunch of fail proposal.

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Don't worry about what outsiders think. You did what was best for you. You asked to meet him, and he walked all over you by not letting you tell him why you asked to meet him. Yeah, sucks to be him, but you cant stay with someone you don't love just because they propose to you in public.

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"and he walked all over you", I did not know autism got this bad

Better to have a bitter end than endless bitterness.

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**** his life... But you did the right thing...

Good for you for not being pressured! When I was young and dumb, I said yes to a proposal in front of the family of the guy I wanted to break up with (and was quite manipulative). I did eventually break it completely off. No one should be pressured or manipulated into marriage.

Way to let a guy down. YDI big time. Friendly tip: NEVER TURN DOWN A MARRIAGE PORPOSAL!!!!!!!!!! I don't think you want to know how many guys write FMLs about turned-down marriage proposals. YDI for finally finding "the one" and turning him down.

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Are you serious? He was not her one. She broke up with him. They had different feelings. Why would she have to marry him?

Clearly there was something wrong with the relationship if one wants to break up and one wants to get married.

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His plan worked like a charm. Propose to your girlfriend. She says No. Breakup. She. feels terrible. And he is happy and free.