By krizleykrislo - 30/04/2009 06:11 - United States

Today, I was rollerblading in the university gardens and taking pictures. A worker started to yell at me, and I told him that I had perfect control and could stay on the sidewalk. As I turned to skate away, I faceplanted into a bed of prized rare flowers. FML
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Wow you're an asshole and you totally deserve it. If there's a no skating rule, then DON'T SKATE THERE you tool.


Groundskeeper Willie is pissed! "Dah! You smashed the wee-ones!"

#10, thanks for that. Mr. Show ftw!

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#8, you're obviously not in college. 10, that was awesome. LOL! That sucks, dude. I'd be so embarrassed. It probably wouldn't have happened if you didn't jinx yourself. Blame the worker. =P

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YDI for being a douche.

haha rollerblading

At least it wasn't rollerSKATING!

haha i loved human giant it had that arab guy who's now in parks and recreation that show's not as good though

You know what the hardest thing about rollerskating is? telling your parents you're gay. ZING!

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That's what you get for partaking in the fruit-boot

#15, yeah.. you're right. How I got Mr. Show and Human Giant mixed up.. I'm not sure.