By Boarder - United States
Today, I was riding a longboard down a hill and I fell off. I was all scraped up so I made sure to clean my wounds and put bandages on them. Turns out I'm allergic to the glue on the bandages and I have itchy hives all over and around my open wounds. FML
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By  ohhhhshizzz  |  0

aww, that sucks.
inb4"Well why didn't you know that. YDI n00b"
I don't think everyone goes around checking the glue on bandaids. Also who knows, this could be a new allergy. Not everyone knows the allergy.

YLIF, glad I'm only allergic to penicillin.

By  redbluegreen  |  40

I always find it strange when people find themselves allergic to something. Like, someone being allergic to latex condoms, or the glue in band aids. It's just so unexpected, yet it happens.

I feel bad for laughing at the word 'wounds'. Just saying it sounds funny though.
I'm sorry OP. I hope you get better soon.

By  robodoll  |  0

I have the exact same problem. I usually have worse marks from my bandages than I do from the actual wound. Plus, if I scratch the area where the bandage adhesive bothers me, I get left with dark brown marks! I guess if it's not too serious, you could always try liquid bandages in the future or gauze and medical tape (gotta find the right one you're not allergic to of course)