By smpenn89 - 16/07/2014 14:26 - United States - Canton

Today, I went to fill out my time sheet. Someone had edited it, and now it suddenly ends August 22nd. I think I'm getting fired. FML
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smpenn89 tells us more.

OP Here! As of last week, my time sheet( a simple excel sheet) listed all the dates through the end of the year. Now it does not. Yes, I understand that it is still over a month away, but since my current project is a procedure list of everything I do, how I do it, and passwords of everything, I am guessing they need me to finish this first. I am not confrontational, and understand I need to speak to my bosses, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet. I went looking on craigslist for job postings-found one Identical to the job I currently hold...and since I was hired through craigslist...yeah that about sums it up. Actively looking for a new job- if they cant be professional enough to fire me the right way, they don't deserve to have me anyway.

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Speak to your boss. There should definitely be an error.

why not apply for the same job through the ad, but this time ask for double pay because you're very experienced with this job :)


Speak to your boss. There should definitely be an error.

Who knows? Maybe it's your bosses way of saying "pack your things." Ha, just kidding. Most likely it was an employee making a joke or trying to piss you off. Don't stress to much about it, and if it makes you have a hard time focusing talk to your boss. I'm sure he or she can help.

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Definitely needs a follow up...

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Sorry friend! Times are tough. Best of luck looking for another job as congratulations on the FML getting published!

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lol I don't think a published FML is much consolation. just sorta affirms how much it actually sucks. sorry OP. they could have at least talked to you about what you're doing wrong that warrants being fired so you can try to fix it -- that is, of course, assuming and judging by the FML, that they haven't done so.

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there was a previous FML about the prank being him getting laid off, yeah this also applies to the section of pranks that should never happen. You never prank someone to the extent of them possibly losing their job which could lead to even more serious issues.

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Ooh you should talk to your boss about that.. It might just he a mistake

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agree with #1 fight for it or get smart and look ahead of time for another job.

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Maybe your getting a promotion and won't need a timesheet? Yeah probably not sorry OP!

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You should check to see if it was a mistake before you come to conclusions.