By GreatAim - 23/09/2009 05:55 - United States

Today, I was at my friends house for the first time in months. I saw her newest chihuahua dog, Mickey, and he was excited that new people were over. I picked him up and slightly bounced him in the air. Because of the bounce and his excitement, he peed a little bit, straight into my eye. FML
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you, my good sir/ma'am, fail miserably


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what did you expect dumb ass. they have small bladders that can't take pressure and excitement. ydi dog did that once and it is a pekingnese.....she peed on my crotch when i picked her up....

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ugh!!! thats gross i remember in show-and-tell in like fourth grade some kids brought in his frog and it pissed while he was presenting it and the moron just let it do its thing. all over us.

I hope you washed your face/eyes after. c:

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you, my good sir/ma'am, fail miserably

or 5th.... Even though no one cares what number you are.

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Fail miserably doesn't seem quite adequate.

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if u had a real dog u wouldn't have had to pick it up. your fault for being dumb enough to put a small dog near ur face.

a dog is a dog no matter how small! I have a chihuahua and I couldn't ask for a better dog! She can't knock people over, she doesn't hog up the bed, she doesn't eat as much as big dogs (so cheaper), and she loves everyone unconditionally!

i have a chihuahua and every time i come home it gets excited and when i pat it, it urinates on the floor. how fun.

Ouch. Golden eye from a dog. That should be illegal.

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Makes me wonder 'bout James Bond... I had never contemplated the double-meaning...