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Today, I walked into a T-Mobile store to get a new phone. I wanted all of my numbers on my new phone, but the customer service rep had to transfer them. He said jokingly, "I understand. You don't want to lose your girlfriend's number." My girlfriend and I broke up two days ago. FML
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  Veritas143  |  0

You guys missed the whole story! He had sent out a newsletter to everyone he would ever come in contact with telling them about the break up, but the rep forgot to check his e-mails! He should have known! Then once the OP left the store he had to drive home and his gas tank was almost halfway gone! That means he'd have to fill it up again within the next 2 weeks! And then he got bit by mosquito! Jeeze guys have some sympathy!


this is really not an fml...
O.P. pls move on!! if you've already broken up then its probably time that you move on with your life. theres a reason that some ppl dont make it to your future...
I.E. --> She wasn't meant to be your gf still!! move on w/ ur life and love will strike wen u dont expect.

  perdix  |  29

This would be an FML if. . .

When the customer service rep got to your ex-girlfriend's number, he said, "Hey, where did YOU get the number of the cum dumpster me and all the other guys bone?"