By never_ending_hangover - 30/09/2009 22:35 - United States

Today, I took my boyfriend out to meet my coworkers for the first time. I really wanted to impress them, and get them to think how cool we are to hang out with, since I am new to LA. Instead, my boyfriend threw up in my boss's sink. FML
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sbarre1 0

I'm just impressed that he managed to eat the sink. ;)

birds_fml 7

I dunno whether this is a FYL or YDI, so I'm not clicking either. Maybe your boyfriend was genuinely sick, and it just happened to come on at a very bad time. Or maybe you're dating a loser who gets puke drunk before meeting his girlfriend's coworkers.


icedrake523 2

Don't see how this is a FML or YDI. Might have been sick or nervous. And better he throw up in your boss' sink than on your boss' floor or on your boss.

RedJester23 6

Ummm......... sorry......... if your Ashley or this is coincidental in which case, Thank god....

Intoxicunt and plexico have AIDS I just hope through it all they can discover the meaning of truly having a life :(((

rachaelxlove 0

Can people stop fighting on FML? Its sooo pathetic how everyone gets mad over nothing. Stupppiddd

how come you dont moderate intoxiCUNT fml? last time I heard, thats one of the worst curse words out there? are you CONDONING incest? as well as addiction AND female derogatory terms? woooow. thats almost as low as plexico's morals.

Hey, everybody, meet my boyfriend, Ralph.

I wonder if he knows Chuck.

123sploosh 0

i dont understand you plexico

I was going to explain it in this big long paragraph just for you but your a ****** cuz you don't know so I'll just leave it with your response does not deserve a response so i responded to let you know that this response to your response responded to you that your responsse sucked

sirknz 0

Is he related to Herb?

123sploosh, Don't worry. Someone does.