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Today, I thought I was finally over my anxiety problem, and confidently went to my first ever job interview. Halfway through, the manager tells me that if I didn't stop being so nervous, he couldn't give me the job. I cried. FML
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jazmin3012 28

Aww OP! Don't feel bad for something that's out of your control!

Pretty unfair from his behalf. Hopefully it all works out though


jazmin3012 28

Aww OP! Don't feel bad for something that's out of your control!

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My boyfriend takes anti-anxiety medication and he hates it. Not everyone likes being medicated. Therapy or counseling is what his doctors recommends with his medication until he's able to function better without it.

#40 you can take pills for it but they usually mess you up so much its worse than the anxiety.

I used to be on anxiety medication which slowed down my heart rain, after a couple of months on them i kept getting chest pains

#1 they seem out of control as long as we fear them but if we make a decent effort OP can overcome her anxiety. OP it's all in the mind, even if the pills would help, you would be dependent on them and have a fear that you cannot do without them. Try meditation and means to be confident

XBurytheCastleX 25

I take anxiety pills. Do they stop the anxiety? Hell no! They barely do anything! All the do is make you sleepy.

#60, I used to think like you til it became a problem for me. You don't understand how it feels. It's not something you can just 'snap out of' or 'think more confidently' to get over it. It really is quite debilitating. Really sorry for you OP. Hope you can find a job where they are more understanding.

The meds for it are so bad for you. I'm on them and it just makes things a lot worse and on them I can't function at all because I'm way to tired and what's worse is they're extremely addictive.

Pretty unfair from his behalf. Hopefully it all works out though

iLike2Teabag 27

Why is it unfair? If it's a job where dealing with people or other stressful situations are expected, would you give that job to somebody who cried during the interview?

Why would someone with anxiety issues apply for a job that they will be under high stress? Please.

IKickPuppiesHard 16

Because they need money to survive and its the only one of the places they applied to that called back?

Generally people can do fine even if they are very stressed out for an interview. Interviews are normally stressful and most people are at least a little nervous.

I agree with 11, if it's any sort of retail job or waitressing or serving someone/dealing with customers, than the boss is going to assume Op is too nervous/shy to talk to their customers and won't be able to handle stressful situations. Don't worry Op, there will be a job out there for you. You may want to see a doctor or psychiatrist as well to try getting your anxiety under control (if you aren't already). If the anxiety is that disruptive to your life then consider getting help for it.

think of it this way; do you want to work with a manager like that anyway? there's tons of other places. I have anxiety and when I got my first job I was EXTREMELY shy. but after working for awhile I got over it! there is hope for you OP. don't worry. you'll be okay :)

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No, it really isn't 'that easy'. Anxiety is quite hard to overcome fully, you can't just stop when you want to..

Comet_Candy 23

Um, no. It's NOT that easy. It can end up being a pretty difficult problem that takes a lot of work to control. I have anxiety problems that I manage through therapy and mild medications, but it doesn't always work out that way.

People think you can just stop worrying with the drop of a hat. If it was that easy don't you think people would do it? No one wants to feel anxiety. It's horrible. I have it so bad I can't sleep at night and experience panic attacks. When people say "just stop worrying" I seriously want to punch them in the face. That's like telling someone with anorexia to "just eat more".

cjwayy 22

Clearly you've never had anxiety, #3. I have horrible anxiety that debilitates me. I manage it with medication and meditation, but sometimes it gets out of control still. If I could just not be anxious I would. But it's a mental illness.

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It was a pretty poorly executed joke lol. Sorry for taking it so seriously though. I guess sarcasm really doesn't transfer into text script well.

Lil_Red777 21

To be fair, your joke sucked.

tony1891 22

was that what that was? a joke? your attempt at a joke is a joke.

It generated hate because its a problem that people suffer with and cant control, its like making fun of people with cancer or autism.

thebestofboth 20

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just stop being a douche. its that easy.

Pretty sure #3 was speaking on OP's behalf, and wasn't making a joke toward OP. It was a sarcastic reply to what the interviewer said.

#76 Thank you!

don't you see the fucking question marks? he is not saying it's easy, he is asking if it's really that easy sarcastically

Wow, that's terrible OP. You should explain your history of anxiety problems with him and how you've made improvements. Hopefully he will be more understanding then.

But it doesn't sound like there's been much improvement, or if there has it doesn't sound like enough for the boss to want to hire Op. I think Op may want to consider getting help for their anxiety issues and maybe have a family member or friend prep you for an interview so hopefully it will be less nerve-racking for you op.

Probably not the best idea to tell your job interviewer about your anxiety.. Why would they take the chance of hiring someone who is potentially mentally unstable?

Hiimhaileypotter 52

#57, having anxiety doesn't make one "mentally unstable." (even 'potentially')

Mentally unstable in the sense of not being able to react appropriately to a situation. Not saying people with anxiety are mentally ill. Just saying in most job environments the ability to react fast without fear or stress is required.

at least you were confident enough about going in the first place! good for you! next time hopefully the interviewer won't be such an ass

llamarrama01 21

Some people just don't understand anxiety. You can't just "stop" when you want to -_-

You should try applying for a job where it won't be too much of a not a yoga instructor

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And if you look up, you'll see the joke passing over your head.

Everyone is nervous for job interviews, anxiety or not.

gemstone586 12

interviews suck!

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Yeah, that's true, but the manager was being a bit of an asshole about it. It would've helped if he was more understanding about the fact that it's almost impossible not to get anxious during interviews.

That's kind of a dick move. You can't really stop being nervous. It just happens or it doesn't. Sorry about your anxiety issues OP, I hope you can get a great job.

Also, who isn't nervous before an interview?? That interviewer was a dick.

Everyone is nervous at an interview, but it sounds like this was a lot more than the typical nervousness everyone has. Personally I don't think the interviewer was being a jerk. I think he was trying to give op another chance and let her know that he can't hire her if she's that nervous. I think a jerk interviewer would've decided not to hire her right away, cut the interview short, & written her off. At least this interviewer was trying to get her to calm down a bit. It sounds like he wanted to hire her, but couldn't in good conscience if she continued to be that nervous. (I'm assuming genders to make sentence structure sound better)