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  radiocaf  |  29

I reckon she got it the wrong way around, someone needs to tell her you should only sleep with your boyfriend, and stay abstinent with every other guy.


yeah, hi sorry, but the only thing that sucks about this is that she misled you. A girl has the right to sleep with whoever the fuck she wants to and with as many people as she wants without being called a whore or a slut. It's her choice and no one elses business. Fact. Another fact is that the stupid "she's probably riddled with STDs anyway, you dodged a bullet" are unfounded and juvenile. Anyone ever hear of condoms? y'know, those things that prevent STDs? no? didn't think so, judging by most comments.

To reiterate, it sucks she was dishonest with you and all that jazz, but you don't mention if ye were serious or what and also, we don't know whether her dishonesty is justified or not, seeing as we don't know either of ye. Man up and get over it

  Forlorn420  |  9

There are so many things wrong in that comment but I rele don't feel like wasting my time tryin to correct a moron like you. I'm sure someone else will get on that