By C8H18 - United States - South Pasadena
Today, I had to abandon my normal duties and help out the electrician my boss called, all because my boss couldn't handle speaking to him since he was attractive. She's in her fifties. I'm in my twenties and I'm the more mature one. FML
C8H18 tells us more :
The full immaturity: So the manager and supervisors, (all of which are middleaged females) were at the front of the building with me. Electrician arrives and I let him in the building. By the time I turn around, all the ladies are at the opposite side of the building. I don't think much of that at the time because I know a lot of people aren't comfortable working around wiring. So I help the guy out for the day. Once he left all the ladies suddenly appeared again; giggling and acting like little school girls. My manager started bombarding me with questions like, "What's his name?! He's so handsome! Is he married? When's he coming back? Will you warn me before he does?" I was quite shocked at the behavior honestly. He did return and I caught manager and supervisors spying around corners as we worked. He needed the managers signature for the work he'd done when he was finished. She refused to approach him because she was blushing too much. I had to bring her the paper in the back room before she'd sign it.
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  joshszz_fml  |  27

Happened to my ex-boss too. She only managed to sit, smile and nod dumbly while one of the more attractive interns told her why he couldn't manage to do the work we assigned him cos of he "really needed to be with his friends".

  C8H18  |  33

Haha, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against working with a handsome man. What I have a problem with is the working for people who are so immature that they can't even function. They got absolutely zero work done the entire time the electrician was there.

By  Moskaaa7  |  26

I've noticed that middle aged women are more easily distracted by good-looking men. It happens at my work too! Maybe it has something to do with their hormones?

By  snarkytruth  |  37

Probably she was joking and had more pressing things to do.
You don't actually expect the boss to play handyman to a plumber for the day do you?
That's a job for the low man on the totem pole.
She stroked your ego with an excuse to ask you to play gopher and you fell for it.
All offices do it.
At least she didn't just order you to do it in front of the whole office.
Your lucky your boss has a sense of humor and in time you'll have seniority and some other young "kid" will be playing the gopher.

  C8H18  |  33

It's not a name I typed in specifically for this FML. High Octane was a nickname I had years ago when I was a mechanic. During my first week there was an incident and I got covered in fuel. My boss made a joke that the whole shop was going to get high off my octane smell.