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Today, some Juggalos mocked me for the way I was dressed. Juggalos giving sartorial advice, really? FML
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Even after Googling it, I've never been 100% sure what a juggalo was..


Even after Googling it, I've never been 100% sure what a juggalo was..

It's one of those things that isn't important to know :) It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia has a great rendition in one episode though.

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They themselves are not quite sure what they are.

Unfortunatly yes that's what it's become, not what the group intended

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It's a nice term for someone who needs a little extra help in science class

I used to know a "juggalo" he wore face paint. Apparently the attacked Tila Tequila after she played at a festival!

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I can't stand Juggalo's. There's a house were a bunch of them hangout nearby my boarding school. Every time me or anther student goes to hangout downtown or the park they mock us and our school uniforms among other things. D: Usually have to go a bit out of the way. They're all talk though. Real doucheholes.

Oh man...after seeing Stephen King's "It" I could never be down with a clown...

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Im a closet juggalo, its basically a group surrounding a certain kind of music created for the outcasts and the "strange"

60 That is a Gigolo. Listen To "What is a Juggalo?" By ICP. It explains it all. You shouldnt knock what you dont understand. Its simply a family.

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Meanwhile in a parallel universe...

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...op is driving around in a jeep with a minigun, all while lighting the juggalos house on fire and shooting em' when they come out.

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Hey now, it takes a lot to look that trashy with all that makeup. What juggalos do is an art.

CinnamonRugby 5

And that doesnt account for all the time spent picking the right hockey jersey..but lets be honest they dont watch anything but nascar.

Just because it's an art doesn't mean I can't say it's a piece of shit art that doesn't appeal to anyone that doesn't do the art themselves.

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Hold a mirror in front of them. The reflection would probably burn their eyes out.

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Don't talk shit about juggalos, cuz no matter where you are and where you go, we are around, don't judge us by how we dress, we're people just like you, so **** off. WHOOP WHOOP! MMFWCL!

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What are you gonna do? Drown us in your shitty music, make-up, and style? I'm scared now....

#15 is officially the biggest loser on FML...

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And you're the biggest dick sucking ****** around, take the **** out your mouth so I can understand something beside gargle a rope hanging in the tree up front, wanna be the stupid ************ hanging there cuz it can happen, ****** or not. JUGGALOS ALL DAY ERRY DAY! WHOOP WHOOP! WE DON'T DIE BITCHES!

Just dress as a Punk and have the Punk attitude. Juggalos **** with everyone but leave Punks alone... sort of... PUNK IS NOT DEAD!

Oh dear. Have the punk attitude! What does that mean to you? I listened primarily to late 70s-early 80s punk in my teens and I certainly dressed the part. The ratty black jacket littered with patches and metal, the neon blue hair etc. At some point I realized that I was putting as much effort into looking a certain way as the foolish people so derided by the artists I loved most. So now I wear whatever the **** I want, and I usually look sweeter than honey and I get away with much more! Attitude isn't an outfit. Please don't call this fuckery punk. It just isn't.

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Punk means different things to different people. No one description or definition is correct. I have a similar history to you ^ (sorry, forgot the number) and often have a little chuckle when I hear 'punks' bag out what other 'punks' listen to or wear.

Next thing you know, they'll be giving makeup advice. Run while you can, Texan. Run to the nearest BBQ joint and drown your sorrows with succulent pieces of ribs and chicken. I'm officially drooling.