By KingKralj - United States - San Ramon
Today, I got an expensive drone for my birthday. My brother got a BB gun and thought it would be hilarious to shoot my drone with it while I was flying it. FML
KingKralj tells us more :
Holy sweet shit, this got posted! Hello guys, OP here! I was angry when making this FML that I left out some pretty important details :P So here we go. My bro and I were having an argument about something stupid, and it escalated pretty bad. I hate full on yell-fests, so I left the scene and decided to fly my drone to relax. My brother, on the other hand, somehow got drunk and thought it would be a good idea to shoot my drone with his BB gun for revenge (no, he didn't get it on my b-day nor are we twins. He had it for a while). Long story short, he loaded the gun and shot my drone several times over. I yelled at him for like 10 seconds (I know I mentioned I hate yelling, but I was angry :l) and left the house. Later, he called me and apologized for destroying my drone and offered to either repair it or buy a new one out of his pocket. I said "eh, just buy it." because the drone was too damaged to be repaired. So the aftermath was we made up, he bought me a new drone, and we lived happily ever after c:
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By  RichardPencil  |  30

For Christmas, you need to get the really, really expensive drone the has Hellfire missiles and cluster bombs.

To any pipsqueak who challenges your air superiority with a BB gun, you will rain down Death from Above!

By  Goblin182  |  26

Your brother hit a moving drone with a BB gun? Nice shot. Unless BB gun technology has really improved since I was a kid those things are not accurate worth a crap.