By Anunimos - Romania - Bucharest
Today, I found out my best friend's girlfriend is cheating on him with his own brother. I went over to his place and told him everything while his girlfriend was in the same room. He called me a jealous liar who wanted to break them up, and kicked me out while she looked on, smirking. FML
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  sunnyskys  |  25

man that'd kill me not being able to get my best friend out of stuff like that but I'll admit I wouldn't want to ever believe that my other is like that -_- hope less romantic

  lochiamochia  |  25

I have a feeling we will have an FML that reads, "Today, my best friend told me that my girlfriend was cheating on me with my brother. I didn't believe him and even stood by her until I walked in on her and my brother." FML


There are some things you just don't do. You don't share a toothbrush, you don't use a stranger's deodorant, you don't not flush the toilet at someone else's house, and you certainly don't heartlessly cheat on someone with their sibling and then smile at the person who tries to reveal the affair. That is one nasty snake of a woman OP's buddy has o.o

  interesting33  |  36

I guess it must have been hard from OP's friend's perspective because he has just been told at least one of the three people who are meant to be close and care for him, is doing something awful. I imagine it is easier to blame one person than your girlfriend and your brother.

  toaster87  |  19

@20 To be fair, and I'm not saying what the friend did was right, but who would really want to believe that their own sibling would be shitty enough to fool around with your significant other? Without proof most people wouldn't believe it. But the friend is still an asshole for treating the OP the way he did.

By  dontlookman  |  20

At least you had the decency to tell your friend so he wouldn't find out months from now feeling like an idiot. When he does find out he'll be sorry OP.

By  HappyItalian  |  38

Well if he won't listen to you, he's bound to find out the hard way eventually. Maybe you should've told him in private when his girlfriend wasn't there? He might've been more open minded.

  Barthanax  |  9

If he doesn't believe you now, doing that will definitely get him to believe you. He may hate you for it, but a cheating cunt is still a cheating cunt.