By stillpoor - 14/03/2009 13:44 - United States

Today, I found out I won a 20 000 dollar scholarship. After celebrating with my family by jumping around the room for a half-hour, we realized it was addressed to someone else with the same last name. When we called to tell her, she said it was weird because she had received my rejection letter. FML
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Awww thats horrible!

I'm sorry to hear that. This really made me sad if it's true. I really do hope you get the scholarship. Don't stress, there are plenty of scholarships to go around, and you just keep applying and don't stress it.


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awww omg that's horrible :(

#9 - I do! But it was an accident. I'm not very good at working these stupid laptop mouse pad thingies and I left my nice wonderful trackball mouse at home. That really sucks, though. But like #4 said, there are lots of scholarships, provided you weren't a complete dolt in school and you made decent grades, keep applying and you're bound to get something.

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that sucksss. call the college and complain, telling them it left so much disappointment and stress and make them feel like shit.

I actually said, "THAT SUCKS," out loud. Good luck with everything though.

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That's a really crappy error for them to make, I know that would crush my spirits pretty well. I wish I could get a $20,000 scholarship! Especially considering my two year tuition is going to be about $7,000 less than that amount. xD

It hurts, i agree.

do you have the same first name? If not, you should have immediately recognized the error, so YDI

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#17: you're an idiot. It's the college's fault, not OP's. So shut the hell up. There's no way OP deserved it, so you're wrong. Piss off

#17, shut up. If you're waiting to hear from a college and you get something in the mail, you excitedly open it. It's the college's job to mail it to the correct place. To the OP, you should call and complain. Don't bitch them out or anything, but say how upset it made you and so on and so forth. If nothing else, it might help you get accepted.

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That's awful, I'm so sorryl I agree with #18, you need to call that college and bitch out their admissions people. When I was applying for masters programs, I never got one of my decision letters from a school (I'll go ahead and share: it was BU's School of Music). After I had accepted another offer, I emailed them one day to complain about never having received a decision (along with a bunch of other stuff they messed up on the way, like not booking enough days for graduate-level auditions, forgetting to acknowledge receipt of applications, etc.) and I asked if they had even processed my application. It turns out they had, I was accepted with a 50% scholarship, and they completely forgot to mail my acceptance letter. Idiots. I later found out that their director of admissions was fired because there were so many fuck-ups with the application/admissions process that year.

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#19, #18 didn't say bitch out the administration at the college

Wouldn't she think it was less weird once you called her to tell her you had her acceptance letter...just saying.