By kbug95 - United States - Avondale
Today, while at work at a call center, I got a call from an elderly man who needed a new credit card because he'd accidentally cut up his own card instead of his wife's. Trying to be funny, I said "Trying to keep her in line, eh?" Turns out his wife had just died. FML
kbug95 tells us more :
OP here! Thanks for the support and all. The cardmember was actually really understanding about it. I immediately apologized, but he was really cool. Could have been a bad situation furshur. I'm glad he wasn't a grumpy old man!
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  Murilirum  |  23

My thoughts exactly. The joke wasn't in poor taste it was merely to make small talk. Complete coincidence and if the OP showed true sympathy for the caller once they found out, then the balance is restored and all is well.

By  19990231  |  29

Honest mistake, but maybe avoid jokes about abuse over the phone with strangers?


Keeping her in line does not necessarily equal abuse.
The customers wife, had she been alive, may have been an excessive spender and needed her credit card rights taken away. This is not abuse.

  19990231  |  29

Psychological abuse??

Jk, I should have reread the post before commenting. I realized that my previous comment made no sense at all as soon as I saw the time run out for my edit.