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Today, I called asking about a job I interviewed for 3 weeks ago. It's a scummy call center where known drug addicts work. They told me I wasn't getting the job. I guess my high school diploma and being drug-free makes me not good enough to work there. FML
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"abuse money by buying drugs" In what way is that abusing money? People buy beer and cigarettes all the time. They spend money on tattoos, which by all arguments can be just as addictive and are technically just as useless as recreational drugs . You yourself appear to have piercings which I would argue are just as big of a waste of money as any drug someone might do. You can't argue that they add to your quality of life in any significant way. They don't cure cancer, put food on the table, or pay for that college you are trying to save up for. They are just something you got because you thought they were cool. What a person does in their free time does not necessarily effect what they do at work. If the "known drug addicts" are doing their jobs and doing them correctly, you have no place to speak about whether they should have that job or not. You are no more deserving of a job than anyone else who wants to and actually does work. This is especially true if the person hired over you is older with more experience in the field.

I don't know how it is in America, but here in Australia, a lot of places look down on tattoos and piercings even though it is discrimination. What someone does in their private life that doesn't affect their ability to work, doesn't matter to the company. How a person looks on a day to day basis at work, apparently does. And by the way, I smoke pot and I work full time and study. So not every person who uses drugs doesn't deserve to work.


I'm confused and frustrated. That sucks.

Who calls about an interview 3 weeks later?

probably overqualified

probably for the best since he obviously looks down on them. . .

Maybe it's because you're ignorance showed through to real life addiction problems.

What about your* ignorance?

What are you even trying to communicate?

I think she's trying to say that OP is dumb and can't see how people have addiction in their lives?

What she's trying to say is that assuming that everyone with an addiction is scum shows a great deal of ignorance. A job like that requires compassion and understanding. This post does not show either of those things. Addiction runs in my family and I've seen firsthand the pain it causes. I also know my family well enough to understand the pull of addicting substances can be stronger than job, friends, family, and self. It's heartbreaking. If the OP understood that, perhaps he or she would have the job.

#28 I agree with you in every which way. Well said my friend! My family too has been impacted by addictions. Keep in mind though that it was the call center she called "scummy", not the people who work there. (However I'm not implying that's not the reason why she said that about the call center).

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My family is the same way, I know your pain. OP that's really sad but you shouldn't be judgmental of the workers, even though they are known drug addicts. They're probably trying to get back on their feet and take care of themselves. Addiction is hard on everyone.

#79, Yeah, it's especially hard on the babies of druggies that come out fucked up and die thanks to the crippling abnormalities drugs can cause, or if they're unfortunate enough to live, the extreme emotional trauma they undergo because their parents are too wrapped up in their own obsession to accept/find some help. Nobody can help an addict unless they are willing to accept the help. Baby killers and those who condition children into personality and mental disorders deserve no sympathy. Unless this person was held down and forced to take drugs, life is a big shitpile of consequences, don't do stupid shit you aren't prepared to face the repricussions of.

Wow #96, calm down please. Not every drug addict becomes pregnant and some are strong enough to finish once they find out they are going to be parents. I don't know about your possible personal experiences, but otherwise I can't explain the hate. Life is not just black and white and people with an addiction can be just as good or bad as everyone else.

I am going to sell some crack to a pregnant whore today and think of you :-)

You're worth more than a crappy job like that; think of it as blessing in disguise.

How do you know that? You don't even know op....

How do YOU know that? #3 might know OP...

Personally, I think OP's disdain for the position (as evident in the post) was a factor in him/her not getting the job. I interviewed for the company I'm currently a part of six times because the hours and pay are great. I never trash talked them every time I didn't get offered the position--even though each time I was passed up it was for an internal candidate. I understood that they are going to go with what they know before going with an unknown element and continued to try harder. OP's negative attitude and obvious dislike of potential coworkers didn't do him/her any favors.

#26 OP shouldn't set the bar low for themself. They earned their diploma and it deserves to be put to use.

What makes you think that this job wouldn't be putting his diploma to use? Call centers can be very challenging and rewarding places to work.

It's for the best; you can now find a better job elsewhere

You don't want to work there anyway OP hope you find somewhere else to work

Places like that aren't worth your time. You'll find a better job. Good luck with the job search!

JMichael 25

Why would you want to work somewhere that hires associates like that anyway? Good riddance I say.

because job hunting sucks and it's incredibly difficult to land a job anywhere. Meanwhile, bills are flooding the mailbox.

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The associates probably need the money just as much as the OP

Well if it's drug addicts that work there they probably don't want someone drug free incase you rat them out

Then, she should rat them out as revenge.

Rat them out to who? If the company already knows they have addiction problems then there is no one to rat them out to. I am a supervisor at a call center and I know a lot of the agents smoke pot and take pills, I really don't care as long as they do a good job, and they all do. The ones that don't get let go.

Lol maybe the police... Ever think of that? Doubt it

"Hi, police? Yes people at this building are using drugs - they're not actually using them in the building, it's just where they work. No I don't have any proof. No I haven't actually seen them using illegal substances. No I don't know where they keep their drugs. Oh, so there's nothing you can do? Okay then, thanks."

You sound like a snitch.

You wouldn't have been a good fit with coworkers like that. Consider this your chance to find something better for yourself. Good luck on the job hunt!

lowkeybelieber 7

I see the problem. Just get on drugs and you will get the job

How does that offer a solution? Op would be worse off than when they started.

It worked for basically every musician ever. I mean Beethoven would have never made his 5th Symphony were he not able to get an eight ball.

Dave Mustaine was a great musician .Then he got on heroin. And became a genius. When he got clean he lost his touch.

Are you kidding me? Dave Mustaine sounded constipated in every song he sang! He couldn't carry a tune any better than a paper airplane could carry a 5 lb weight!

#16 - I'm pretty sure #11 was just joking.