By Sdutent - 01/03/2009 08:34 - United States

Today, I asked my girlfriend if she has ever had an affair. She replied, "Yes. With you". FML
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nah that's bad news, you don't want to be with someone who cheated on someone else with you. it sets a bad precedent. poor guy.

That is horrible news, my friend. It's a very simple rule: IF SHE'LL CHEAT WITH YOU, SHE'LL CHEAT ON YOU!


"Today my girlfriend said something in a joking manner to me, and now I can't trust her anymore. FML" Geezits, do you really think someone who is cheating would give it away that easily?

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Once a cheater, always a cheater. Be careful with that one. Personally, I'd drop her.

#6 and #24 nailed it on the head. I had a girl that started as an affair, she chose me, we dated 2 years, then I found out she boned other dudes for a year and a half of it and eventually chose a creepy 30 year old LARPer over me. Get outta there.

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Run. get your ass outta' that relationship.

you're stupid for asking in the first place, but at least it turned out ok :) some back story might be necessary, for example if her last boyfriend was your best friend or something like that

#28: Honestly, I don't think a back story is necessary. Cheating is never acceptable; it's one of the select few issues that is black and white (at least for me). If she could rationalize cheating once, she could rationalize it again. If she didn't want to be in a relationship, she should have ended it. End of story. Relationships are built upon trust. Once that trust crumbles, everything else falls with it.

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i think she was just being cute and playful....i dont think she meant that she was cheating on someone else