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Today, a customer called the restaurant I work at to ask if our coupons were always valid, or if they expired on the expiration date printed on them. FML
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Actually totally valid. Loads of places accept coupons after their expiration date.


to be fair, some places do take expired coupons. I used to work for a guy who would. his opinion was: if they expire, they're not doing their job and getting you in the door. but since it was a franchise, he didn't print them.

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And Bed Bath and Beyond takes expired coupons too. It doesn't matter how long it has been expired, they take it...or the one my mom shops at in Mount Vernon does at least...But the wording on that question...that makes it sound like they're talking about food expiring.

Wait, what happened to the rest of my comment? I typed out a good length out and felt good afterwards and everything. Goes to show that typing on your phone isn't perfect. My apologies.

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Quite sexist to assume that it is a man. Seems like you are abusing stupidity here.

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1) Its a quote 2) its talking likely about "man-kind"

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Actually totally valid. Loads of places accept coupons after their expiration date.

I work at bed bath and beyond and we accept expired coupons. we pretty much ignore the expiration date. I've seen people bring coupons in up to 8 years old

Hell I don't even go to places that refuse to take expired coupons. If they're too greedy as a company/franchise to accept a few days expired coupon they aren't worth much as a company/franchise.

I work at Burger King and I've seen a couple coupons from the 80s before. And yes, my manager accepted them. I don't know why you have coupons from 30 years ago though.

Some of the coupons from back then had no expiration dates. My grandmother used to have a whole folder of coupons like that. Putting dates on all coupons is mostly a recent thing. On the note though of accepting expired coupons, at my store i would sometimes accept them if they were only about a day over and if we had yet to send in that weeks coupons to corporate. Bc really in that case who really knows which day you got it ? But we would get in trouble with corporate for accepting coupons way passed the date bc the companies wouldn't reimburse the cost of over date coupons. But there were a few bitches i wouldn't make exceptions for, and those were the extreme couponer assholes who went out of their way be as hateful and rude to you as possible when they came in buy their 50 tubes of toothpaste and 30 bottles of shampoo. I don't know why but extreme couponers were always the most hateful customers in the store (and that was saying something) .

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What? I totally thought the expiry date was just a guideline, like the "sell by" date on canned food.

Lol well said and why shouldn't they accept them mostly only saving about .30 cents

That's not stupid at all. Many stores and restaurants have the policy of accepting all coupons, even expired ones. The Chik-Fil-A in my home town has that policy.

Even if this was a valid question as those above me claim, she should've worded it differently, perhaps "Will you accept a coupon after its expiration date?" It sounds less stupid.

I don't see how that's a stupid way of wording it. If the restaurant accepts the coupon after the expiration date, then it's always valid. Besides, the phrase was not in quotes, therefore that's OP's own paraphrase. We don't know how the customer actually worded the question.

It just seems stupid to me to ask if "they expired on the expiration date printed on them." True, it's a paraphrase so it may not be totally accurate, but phrasing it that way sounds as if the lady doesn't know what an expiration date is.

Either way, you both have valid points.

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#79 I believe the word you're looking for is "diplomatic".

Kindly announce to them that your coupons have an expiration date for a reason. They should understand.

Some people don't understand. A woman told me off once because we wouldn't accept her expired coupon. The coupon was for a totally different restaurant and she demanded that we accept it.

That's when you say, "No, this is Patrick!"

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