By Anonymous - 08/11/2010 10:48 - Netherlands

Today, someone was getting beat up by 6 guys. When I tried to help, they had a swing at me as well. The cops came when I was enthusiastically defending myself. They got away, I got arrested. FML
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I'm sure the guy you were trying to help will speak for you.

haha.. I bet you were dressed in a green leotard and announced "I'm kickass" before jumping in to help.


Why would you go up against 6 guys by yourself? I understand you were helping but there's a fine line between bravery & stupidity.

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♫ I'm fake, so fake, sooooo soooo faaaakkee! Wee-woo-wee-woo-wee-woo! ♫

10, you don't deserve that icon. Captain Morgan wouldnt care if it was 6, or a hundred men.

and that's why i choose to be a bystander.

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someone's been watching too much Kick Ass movie lately..

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Yea when it's you vs 6, you just call the cops or maybe run your car into them.

I'm sure the guy you were trying to help will speak for you.

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yeah and last week a poor kid was beaten to death by a few guys while others stood by and did nothing to stop it

In some cases, you are required by law to step-in when seeing an unjust fight, such as the one OP described, only if you are buff.

Or carry a knife or handgun. Just because chances are it won't happen doesn't mean it can't happen.

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ha that's y you call the cops and breakout your camera phone and take YouTube video

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being arrested doesn't mean they locked you up.

In the cell in the station, yes they do.

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Enthusiastically defending your self? Did you get the guy you were helping to back up your story, or did you just see a good fight and decided to join in?

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I'm going with just saw a good fight. I mean really, who doesn't like a good fight after striking out at the club for lack of cash?

haha.. I bet you were dressed in a green leotard and announced "I'm kickass" before jumping in to help.

I thought the same. OP, unless you have faulty nerve endings, you've no business doing that.

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hahaha. I loved that movie xD

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More like 'ass kick'. Classic!

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I was thinking the same thing!!

your a dumb ass you know that. you shouldn't have even got in that fight its not your problem and now look what happened: you got your ass kicked and got arrested nice one

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Punctuation is powerful. OP used it, and you didn't (well not enough). So, have a look in the mirror and make a toast to yourself about your goal to learn proper grammar. *You're

8- First of all, how does wanting to help out someone make him a dumbass? I don't think OP did it correctly or with the right timing but I certainly don't see how you think he's a dumbass for it. Second of all, ^he^, is right. Learn some punctuation.

taking out a couple of guys with a good excuse is win!

how does that make them a dumbass? u don't just watch someone get beat up by 6 people. ur a douch bag. I woulda jumped in to

you have no business calling anyone a dumb ass when you can't even use the correct form of YOU'RE.

well that's not recommended unless ur name begins with Arnold and ends with schwassinger it's always a good idea to count before deciding what to do

I have to assume you meant "Schwarzenegger," yes? But what does the governor of California have to do with jumping into a fight? He's just a politician.

@17 good god.... you really don't know him well... you prob haven't seen any of his movies... True Lies is a good one imo if u get ur hands on it watch it.

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I'll bet that even the guy receiving the beating kicked your ass and fled.