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By  Mami_Gaby18  |  0

your a dumb ass you know that. you shouldn't have even got in that fight its not your problem and now look what happened: you got your ass kicked and got arrested nice one

  Fortuitous  |  0

Punctuation is powerful. OP used it, and you didn't (well not enough). So, have a look in the mirror and make a toast to yourself about your goal to learn proper grammar.


  itsgabriellee  |  4

8- First of all, how does wanting to help out someone make him a dumbass? I don't think OP did it correctly or with the right timing but I certainly don't see how you think he's a dumbass for it.
Second of all, ^he^, is right. Learn some punctuation.

By  mrmaks18  |  7

well that's not recommended unless ur name begins with Arnold and ends with schwassinger it's always a good idea to count before deciding what to do

  DocBastard  |  38

I have to assume you meant "Schwarzenegger," yes? But what does the governor of California have to do with jumping into a fight? He's just a politician.

  PipXanadu  |  4

@17 good god.... you really don't know him well... you prob haven't seen any of his movies... True Lies is a good one imo if u get ur hands on it watch it.