By WCARlover - 20/06/2015 03:43 - United States - Augusta

Today, I was walking behind my mother when she was mowing the lawn. She unknowingly mowed over a wasps' nest that was in the grass. Guess who the wasps decided to seek revenge on. FML
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WCARlover tells us more.

OP here...this actually happened a while ago but thank you for the concern for people who expressed it! I was walking behind her because she wanted me to finish mowing the lawn but told me to just wait until she got this little strip behind a fence done so I was following her to take over the mowing on the other side. They were Yellow Jackets, I got stung multiple times, and it was extremely unpleasant, but hey, it got me out of mowing! ;)

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Run, boy, run! This world is not made for you. Run, boy, run! They're trying to catch you. Run, boy, run! Running is a victory.


Dang, hope you didn't get stung too much op

Well the situation rather stings..hope you're okay OP.

And that's why you always offer to do chores.

the only two successful bee puns in the entire comment thread. congratulate yourselves, honeys

Badkarma4u 17

She should have just let them bee.