By Anonymous - 04/01/2012 16:20 - United States

Today, I had to ask my girlfriend to please stop telling me about her ex's penis. FML
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Tell her, her vaginas kinda loose. Lol!

Perhaps you should impress her with yours so she will talk about it instead.


Perhaps you should impress her with yours so she will talk about it instead.

At least she knows how you feel now... And if she keeps bringing it up, leave her

Not her fault her ex was able to make his penis into balloon animals. That shit is impressive

Give her your dick in a box, that'll impress her.

It seems OP's girlfriend *sunglasses* has a long story.

Hahaha made my day lol thanks 26!

She's trying to get you interested in her ex's penis so you'd be fine when she proposed a threesome

I actually thought 45 was kinda funny...

Why we gotta talk bout penises??

"but honey, it's so plump!"

"oh babey, how I wish your penis was as plump as my exes!!!.......or was it the ex before that?......."

Tell her, her vaginas kinda loose. Lol!

Sure, that'll end well.

was guna thumb up till you laughed at your own comment.

He didn't.

^ he clearly said "lol!"

That would be great! That would sure get my attention

She may give you some ass then

3 the comma you used was not needed. I'm sorry I had too.

3, Your girlfriend is showing signs of sexual attachment to her ex boyfriend, your solution? Insult her sexually. Brilliant idea genius. While we're at it, why not tell her shes better off with him anyway? Surely it would save the 3 more seconds it would take for her to come to that conclusion.

120, the extra 'o' is not needed in your comment. Don't correct people if you're going to be lazy about it.

That would imply that her exs penis has stretched her to the point that her vag is too big for OPs penis. Soo bad idea

120 is correcting grammar here when she uses bad grammar too. It's to not 'too'.

120, you needed a comma after, "I'm sorry." I'm sorry, I had to.

120- Really?!?!?!?! Hahah... Check YOUR grammar first :3

120, u fail!! How are you going to correct someones grammar, when yours isnt up to par?? How you used "too" wasnt correct!! Infact the "too" that u shuld have used was "to" sooo this means ur sentence would have looked like this "sorry, i had to.", not "sorry, i had too"!!!

Okay 157, let's get this over with. you* someone's* isn't* wasn't* In fact* you* should* your* this,*

162 you forgot *so *"I'm sorry I had to."

167, I was debating with myself to include that one. I kinda just left out anything used for emphasis. (excessive punctuation, extra letters, etc.)

She probably isn't over her ex if she's still constantly talking about him.

I don't know how I managed to read the fml the way I did. Please disregard this comment.

I agree 4. Usually when someone talks about their ex it means there are some unresolved feelings. OP needs to sit down and have a talk with his girlfriend about when enough is enough.

20 - Why? It makes sense, she must not be over him if she still obsesses over his genitals.

When I made the comment I thought it said that he finally asked her to stop talking about her ex and then when I realized my mistake I was to quick to ask people to disregard it with out thinking. I should probably stop commenting after I just wake up..

4 I love your picture. Bye.

She's just trying to make you jealous

Possibly, but then this could also be the case of a dimwitted boyfriend too. She may have just been making a single comparison, or pointing out why his is better, and he just couldn't handle the idea of hearing about another guy. I know a few guys like that. Unfortunately.

125- No guy ever wants to here about how someone elses penis is better. Ever.

I wouldn't jump to conclusions, if you're in a long term relationship then that may be your life for a long time. BUT in this case, it would seem she just misses the girthy goodness :)

you never know...she could have been talking about how small it was...but i doubt it.

126, My apologies, my wording was poor there but I was implying that the OP's was better and she was pointing out how. I can see how you'd take it the way you did though.

If she does it again you should just tell her about an ex's boobs. That usually pisses me off.

or he could talk about his ex-girlfriend's penis about how his ex was great in the sack, and loved anal. Begged for it all the time.

Or.. Or.. Or.. He could talk about his experience being and ask her to share HER experiences.

Whoa awesome profile pick r those ur lips with lip liner?!?

i know wat u mean nd how u feel:/

I don't know what you mean.....and sure as hell don't know how you feel.

But clearly by your spelling, no one knows what YOU mean. Have a nice day. (:

Tell her how your ex was doin' in the kitchen ;)

Talk about your ex then if she's acting that way... she's asking for it!

Well it's fine if she's saying it's small and yours is so much bigger.

I dont see the BIG deal

36-I see a 'small' defect in your comment. It's Missing humor.

Can't touch this.

na na na na

Jeez. It's a terrible feeling when a person you're seeing talks of an ex in such a personal way.