The real friendzone

By friendless - 06/08/2019 00:01

Today, the reason I’d rather elope with my fiancée than have a wedding is because I have no friends. FML
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You could get Bic Mitchum to be your best man.

And if they elope, she’d be on the guest list.

As long as she's not on the "tacky Vegas chapel wedding" guest list.

You have friends. They may not be “good” friends, but they are out there. Let be known your getting married and you will see them come.

Susan Yee 9

Same. I don’t have friends, well, I do, but out of state, and not close ones. My bridesmaids were my sisters. Luckily the total matched my husband’s bestfriends.

The only ones that should matter to you being there are you two.

You don't need an expensive wedding. Just you, your spouse, the JOP and one or two witnesses. That's it.