Technology hates humans

By Anonymous - 17/01/2021 11:01

Today, I had the house to myself for the morning. I decided to enjoy being alone, so pulled my trusty bullet vibrator from the drawer. I was very much into it, loving the alone time and myself, and was on the edge of climax when my vibrator died. This brought me to tears, because all I wanted to do was be alone and masturbate. FML
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don't you have fingers to finish the job?

dragonfly08330 10

just go into manual mode.


don't you have fingers to finish the job?

dragonfly08330 10

just go into manual mode.

jfigley 5

Hey, at least no one came home early and busted through the door to talk to you. Talk about a climax killer....

Vesi 29

I've had this happen. I always keep back-up spares for exactly this situation. Keep at least 2 more besides the one you actively use. =)

Wadlaen 23

Oh, yes, it's terrible when a loved one dies...

When it comes to important equipment, have spare batteries and spare equipment on hand - regards of the equipment type. My wife only seems to like one particular kind of “massager” - a specific size, buzz frequency, etc. I tried others but she’s picky about this. So I keep spare batteries on hand (I use a fresh battery each time) and have repaired failed switches in older units and have brand new spares on hand. If she doesn’t “get there” then things don’t go as well for me either. Once Brookstone no longer sold the one she liked I had to find an identical model from Anazon UK and pay the shipping to the USA. Fortunately I had a spare until the imports arrived...

mccuish 25

Finish without the vibrator if you’re that close to finishing

phybreawptic 13

Time to come up with a plan b.

Glitterbaby2613 20

that's why it's always good to have more than one