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By  cuz803  |  39

To play devil's advocate, maybe it might be fair to scrutinize your own game before someone else's. I could be spewing bs, but maybe your sex game isn't all that hot neither. After all, 46% of women don't orgasm from sex.

By  J15237  |  23

Stupid question but could it actually be you who is awful in bed and is unable to even get her attention in bed? Instead of having a private conversation with her you are on the internet?

By  SM79  |  4

Just curious, have you had a conversation with her to find out why she's generally unresponsive? Is that she's one of those people who doesn't enjoy sex? Does she have past history of sexual abuse? Or maybe there's something she'd enjoy that you're not doing?

By  32scotty32  |  6

Get her a hula hoop.

Women, I don't care who you are, get yourself a freakin hula hoop.

Hula hooping should be a required P.E. course from a young age, as it would improve all future relationships 150%.

Get a damn Hula Hoop and be enthusiastic about it.

By  Laurel Anne  |  5

🤦🏻‍♀️damn, this dude probably wouldn’t know a clit if it hit him in the head. All I see is an ignorant child dissing himself, if you were doing it right she’d let you know. I promise. 🙄She might as well be screaming “YOU SUCK! Do something different!” Why should she make it any better for you if she’s not enjoying it??? Ever think that maybe it’s not all about you?

By  Stargazers  |  3

She probably feels like you're just using her to jack off and doesn't want to disturb you... How about having a conversation and asking her what turns her on? Making her orgasm BEFORE you even enter her might make her more receptive to you. Sadly some men think that their erection is supposed to get us wet and turned on... 🤔 It doesn't, so you push your way in and the reaction you see on our face is discomfort NOT pleasure. Communication is key.