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By Stairs? Noooooo - 15/09/2015 22:31 - United States - San Leandro

Today, I was signing with my deaf brother at a local McDonald's. We were having a laugh about a game we played last night when this morbidly obese woman waddled over to us. She was utterly convinced we were "talking shit" about her and made a scene about our "hand gestures." Seriously? FML
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That's when you give her the finger. But in all seriousness, you could try and explain to her that you were playing a game. She's obviously very insecure about her wait.

Some people are just really insecure about themselves. I know if I'm out running errands looking disheveled (because yoga pants are for running errands, right?) with my back brace on and a gaggle of women start laughing at something I'll anxiously think they're laughing at me.


Feel bad for her because she's fat AND stupid.

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Paranoid fatty must be totally fucked up to think it was about her. She has the problem so fuck her!

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There's a big difference between body shaming and pointing out when some actually has a serious problem. Morbid obesity is a serious problem.

And even if they were offencive, would it have mattered? If I were having fun with somebody and all of a sudden a woman would show up and 1. inaccurately accuse me of insulting her and 2. interrupting my fun, I wouldn't be very nice to her anymore. So why should I still think neutrally about her? Plus she wont read this anyway!

Well it is called morbidly obese, OP did not write fat as f**k, and atleast I have never seen a morbidly obese person walk without waddling. So I really don't understand why you are getting all offensive here.

Since I'm autistic, I am occasionally nonverbal and experience a lot of auditory overload so quite often I put on noise cancelling headphones and use ASL to speak to my partner. So many people stare at us, or ask if we're deaf, or try to talk to us, and it's so rude. One person interrupted our private conversation to tell us, also in ASL, about a particular Bible. People have some weird ass sense of entitlement when it comes to seeing people signing in public.

Trying to talk to someone isn't rude. Asking a question so they don't assume anything isn't rude. Staring is rude.interrupting your conversation to talk about a myth is rude.

But is it really appropriate to interrupt two people signing to ask "are you deaf?!" That's different from trying to converse with someone.

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I never understood why the bombard people with jesus thing was supposed to be effective. "I want to tell you about the comfort and peace my religion can interrupting you...and not letting you leave...and embarrassing you in public...and not listening to your point of view." Yup. Very convincing.

I agree with 34, it's very rude to go up and interrupt someone just to ask if they're deaf. It's also stupid and pointless, because a) if they're conversing in sign language it's usually (yes, I know not always! but usually) safe to assume at least one of them is deaf, so really, why bother? Just leave them alone. And b) if they are deaf they won't be able to hear your question and possibly won't be able to understand or answer you, so again, why bother? Just leave them alone. Decide for yourself whatever you want to think and go about your business.

30, people interrupting private conversations between my partner and I to ask verbal questions when neither of us are communicating verbally is actually quite rude. If you were speaking in French or Mandarin or something, and someone came up to you to ask nosy questions in English, interrupting your conversation, you'd probably be pretty peeved.

I first read it as singing and was really confused for a moment...

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I thought OP meant signing autographs or something...

Lots of people are arrogant like that, best thing to do is ignore them and avoid them and leave. Those type of people are looking for a fight and don't expect someone to just ignore/walk away from them.

at least she knows she is fat enough to be made fun of!

If you can't understand you really can't complain...

Some people really need to learn to mind their own business.

Judging by the title, I'm gonna guess y'all were playing borderlands 2. I don't even want to know what describing that game in sign language looks like. "I set him on fire and threw an axe in his face"

Read the FML.