By - 14/6/2020 02:02

Risky business

Today, I went to get insurance and I have a non-fault third party claim and yet my insurance has gone up. I wasn't even in the car when someone hit it. Why have I got penalised? They claim I'm now "statistically more likely to get in an accident." My car was parked. FML
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By  leximichelle  |  13

Unfortunately, that’s how insurance works. For small damage claims, it’s often better to just pay out of pocket for the damage, or just live with it; as far as insurance companies are concerned, the fact that it’s happened before makes it significantly more likely that it’ll happen again, regardless of whether it was your fault or not.

  jriley4u  |  17

It’s actually pretty accurate. Small claims are better to pay out of pocket. Your car could be wrapped in bubble wrap and if your insurance has to pay even a dime on a claim (even if you aren’t at fault) will raise your rates.

By  litttle_miss101  |  11

I know if you live in the U.S if you are under the age of 25-26 the price of insurance goes up because they say you are a high risk driver which means your fault in an accident or not they jack up your insurance, it’s the dumbest thing ever

  XUDT72  |  24

Completely wrong. In no fault states your insurance covers you no matter who causes the accident making not at fault accidents raise your rates more than in other states since your company is always paying out for every claim.

By  Suzi_d16  |  26

Same happened me. Someone pulled out of a side street into the side of my car. Total write off. Following year, my insurance went up £100 despite me not being at fault.

By  bobsanction  |  16

Get new insurance. Getting hit by someone else is unlikely to show up on your driving history so you should be able to get a better rate from a different insurance carrier.