By carey33 - 4/6/2020 14:15

Quite the catch

Today, even though I’m having contractions, I’m still trying to clean up the house. My husband just got pissy with me because I was rolling the vacuum behind me instead of picking it up and carrying it to the closet. FML
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By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

What the fuck? Don't stay with a dickhole who puts the vacuum cleaner above the health of his wife and unborn child. Also, why on Earth did you carry on cleaning throughout your contractions?

By  Hangryko  |  17

Does your jerk husband expect you to clean while your fully pregnant, including contractions? Also, it's super controlling how he expects you to put away the vacuum. Turn him into a jerk ex-husband.

By  Laura Hughes  |  9

A real man would tell his wife to sit down and relax during contractions. He sounds like a real loser. Wow

By  carey33  |  15

He’s not that bad everyone, we were both really stressed out and emotions were going crazy! Baby is here and he’s been doing a great job with her and helping out with our toddler