By howard1954 - 08/06/2015 15:08 - United States - San Francisco

Today, I found the courage to tell my parents about my boyfriend. They simply reacted by lecturing me about how much he'll ruin my life, and how much they don't like him. They haven't met him yet. FML
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Don't even let it faze you. Enjoy being in a relationship and don't focus too much on them because they're being really unreasonable.

overprotective parents are tough to deal with, but be patient and don't give up on your life.


I feel for you, my parents were strict at a time. But all that led to was more secrets against them. Best life choices are the ones you experience and learn from.

Glad to see that they're going into this with an open mind and going to assessing based on his own personal merits

Odds are there going to like them all parents are worried but nobody's good enough for their child. Words to the wise for your partner, -if parents smell fear they react and feed on it, tell your boyfriend to go in confident, and respectful to them and you and he should more than hold his own. If you your parents raised you properly, and you picked him, then he should have the qualities that you were raised with, and therefore the qualities they are looking in a potential life partner for you

Wondering if this might be your first serious boyfriend? You might compromise some by going a little easy at first. Give them time to know him. Hopefully he's a gentleman. If he sits out in his car and beeps his horn for you to come running, not so good. Hopefully in time they will come around and trust you more. Keep your cool. Good luck.

Knock their heads together

It's not an episode of "The Three Stooges"...

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Not yet.

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Since OPs name is Howard I am guessing this is not overprotective parents

I was thinking the same thing

And parents wonder why their kids keep their significant other a secret from them :/

It's their idea of protecting their child, but it's definitely over-the-top considering they haven't even met him yet. When they do meet him, I hope it goes well. Good luck OP

They seem a little judgmental...did they have issues with your previous relationships? If so I can see there reasoning