Please, think of my family…

By StaplerScared - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Canada

Today, I got mugged by a guy who was threatening me with a stapler. FML
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He probably went home and said, "Staples. That was easy."

Did he take your cell phone as well?


Really??!! I would have just laughed and walked away. Im sorry OP but thats kinda pothetic..

Your spelling is kind of PATHETIC.

It's funny because you still got what he was saying

Really??!! I would have just laughed and walked away. Im sorry OP but thats kinda pothetic..

Dont know how it got posted twice :S

Damn brotato, that shit has got some range. Better hand everything over, plus a handy-j for good measure.

I have no idea what your saying

I feel like you have no sense of humor, since it was pretty clear.

The only reason I thumbed you down, is because you said "brotato" Just no.

it's ok broseidon, don't let these little brotato chips weaken your brah-someness. just shake their brohans, turn around, and walk away to some of your other brosephs.

18 allow me to translate. Damn bro! Those staplers got some range! Better give him everything you have and throw in a handjob for good measure. Many brain cells were killed in the making of this comment.

That wasn't so easy now, was it? Damn staples... Where's that red button when you need it!

I would have been afraid . staples fucking hurt--especially if it's a staple gun -.-

I read about this guy in the paper. He staples your ass cheeks together then robs you of all your possessions.

Hand over your man card, now.

Speaking as someone who once stapled their thumb to a piece of paper, I would have been quite intimidated. That shit can hurt.

Wtf? What a stupid weapon "Give me your money! Or be staple to the wall" lmao either way you should have ran xD

OP was probably tricked into thinking it was a gun until the guy ran away. Kinda like what Batman did with the tape recorder haha. Or they're just stupid :p

Or like in "Bandit" with Bruce Willis when they robbed the bank with just a highlighter.