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Today, my date threw a fit, burst into tears, and made a huge scene in the middle of a crowded restaurant, all because I offered to pay. FML
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I just now realized that this was posted, and, yes, I do realize that it was more than two months ago. He was actually my friend's old roommate, and she introduced us around a year ago. We didn't really interact that much but I thought that he was nice, so when he asked me out, I decided that I'd at least give him a chance. For the record, it wasn't some elaborate ultra-expensive fancy restaurant, but the meal certainly wasn't cheap. I've been in the habit of offering to pay for my meals for a while now, and I certainly wasn't expecting that kind of reaction for him. And no, I don't think that the guy paying for the date is sexist. I don't see why the girl can't pay sometimes, though, and I was just trying to be nice. If he'd wanted to pay, he could have told me instead of freaking out like that. He never called me back after that, but even if he did, I wouldn't have gone on another date with him. I enjoyed reading your comments! Most of you guys are really funny.

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Good for you for offering to pay. You obviously deserve better though.


Dude? I think you're on the wrong FML I think that counts as an FML

I was referring to dating the guy by the way.

16 - If you haven't figured it out by now, everyone replies to comment number one just so that their comment will be at the top.

Some people actually use the reply function for what its purpose is. Thread-jackers are annoying. Resist your small plea for attention and post in line.

I moderated an said yes to this FML 0_0... Sorry, had to say it :3

Hopefully this is the last time. Although I definitely wouldn't throw a fit, there's nothing quite as embarassing as going on a date and not being able to pay. Of course, I'm probably talking more about when you *can't* pay. It's not exactly specified, but if OP's date had money but was upset that OP footed the bill, the it sounds more like he has a issue of pride with the whole thing. It's slightly more logical if he couldn't pay, and/or was under a great deal of stress. Juat have him pay next time, unless this attitude keeps up, in which case, find someone else.

113- Those dang women. Offering to take money out of their wallet to pay for things while the men have to keep their money. Lawdy.

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That's less manly than Tony Romo

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You really care about your comment's ratings don't ya

yeah...I don't get it either way...I would've thought to myself, "This gal's a keeper", smirked, and enjoyed the fact I had extra cash in my wallet--after a date. AND if it was a good date, and I liked her, I'd probably start imagining marriage in the future. Sound crazy? You'd be surprised how important being equal partners factors into being married. this gal is a truly progressive and liberated woman. she's not just "sayin' it"...with her tattoos and harlotry. I dunno what is the root of the issue, obviously there are two versions how how/why he did react that way, but it is kind of weird. I really hope (for the datee's sake) this wasn't one of their first might be one of the last.

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I know, if my date really insisted on paying i would just be like i'll pay next time then

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Geez, talk emotionally unstable. No man would cry about that.

Here's how you can back at him. Wait until he offers to pay you if he can finish on your face, then throw a fit, burst into tears, and make a huge scene. Foolproof.

This was either a guy wif tons of problems or ur a lesbian...

Um... Shes a she not an it, it says up the top: FEMALE *cough* RETARD *cough*

36 I think you should take your foot out of your mouth, it seems to have irritated your throat.

43- Uh na it's just that yo mum's vag hair clogged up my mouth... It was a long night yesterday...

And what's wrong with her being a lesbian?

Well, at least his dinner was paid for. Right?

I find it hard to imagine a woman throwing a tantrum over paid dinner. A man with misguided chivalry sounds more logical, in my opinion.

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Good for you for offering to pay. You obviously deserve better though.

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Idk I mean I don't like the girl paying when we got out. But I don't throw a hissy fit if she offers I just dont accept and pay.

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^ insecurity problems? 45, you drive a big car don't you?

bizarre_ftw 21

It's okay if you do, we all have our assets and, ahem, short comings :) But here's a hint, stop being a sexist prick and try stepping outside the box, aka social mindset, for a spell. I strongly suggest you do, it's nice out here, we have cookies ^_^

@49: why do you think that 45 is being sexist?? because he doesn't want his date to pay for the bill??? i think it is gentlemanlike of him to offer to pay...not saying it should always be like this but sure it's nice to let you date spoil you a little bit ;)

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Yea I'm not sexist that's just how my dad raised me. And my date did pay for the bill once. I had to use the restroom one minute bill was payed. We had a good laugh.

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Sexist? How? Because he wants to pay instead of the woman? Uhhh....okay? Not sure how that is sexist. It's not like he is saying "You're a woman and can not pay!". That is more along the lines of sexism. Please go read the definition of sexism first.

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I agree. I always offer to pay for the bill or at least my half because that's how my mom raised me and I think it's only fair. It's always nice though when the guy offers to pay instead. I honestly don't see how there is anything wrong with either side of it except for social stigmas.

I stepped out of the box once, and I never found my way back in O.o And there are no more cookies I ate them :D I also pay for all my dates dinner and a movie, and maybe a bar later, if she wants to pitch on booze then that's her decision.

I stepped out of the box once, and I never found my way back in O.o And there are no more cookies I ate them :D I also pay for all my dates dinner and a movie, and maybe a bar later, if she wants to pitch on booze then that's her decision.

Bury 106 it's my evil twin trying to make me look stupid.

yeah...but I'm pretty sure the sentiment he got from old pops was "NEVER let a WOMAN pay for you [insert: on date, medical bill--EVER]". Though he didn't say it, I'm sure that's how it was wired into his brain. C'mon, I'm fairly sure his dad didn't infer the same if his son was dating a guy...or would he. We can debate that, with the poster's input, of course. He can tell us what kind of man his dad is and how he wanted him to grow up.

Only because of the fit this guy threw i would reccoment op not go back out with him. He sounds unstable. That being said(I know here come the thumbs down) some men really have it instilled in them to provide and pay for things for the women they go out with and love. They are not trying to down grade the woman, but rather just the opposite. whether its right or wrong It makes some guys uncomfortable, like they are not doing their job providing, when the woman pays. For some men it is very emasculating like for some women it makes them feel less of a women it would be mortifying for the husband to expect them to change the oil on the car(nobody get upset i am a woman and i enjoy car work) I am simply saying while many people no longer are that traditional, some people are and as long as they dont throw a fit like ops date the men that are should not be considered to be chauvanistic. No more thwn a womanm who likes to do traditionally male things should be considered dyky

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What's so bad about getting your meal paid for?

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Don't wanna come off as a freeloading dead beat loser

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Get over urself it's not sexist for a guy to be nice and want to pay for u

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Umm.. Wow. Way too much drama. I would have walked out the second my date lost control and made a scene. You don't need that!